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Wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue..... or not?!

Hello everyone!

Ive popped a deposit down on a Country House Ive grown up next to and is a really sentimental place for me for the 15th of June 2013. However the hotel we wanted our reception at has said they wont take (just) reception bookings on Saturdays and now we r in a muddle... It would be difficult for my oh's family to attend on a Fri as they will be travelling from Essex to Yorkshire and quite a few are self employed so no holiday pay! I have looked for other reception venues but they either say the same as the first, are way too expensive or dont have enough rooms for all those who would need to stay over. PLUS my grandparents (who raised me) have said they dont want to spend the night at a hotel and want to be able to make it home so Im stuck with how far they will travel from Leeds...

My heads a muddle and my Other half just keeps saying he will go along with me and doesnt seem bothered.... any one any insight?

Ta muchly!


  • jefnurjefnur Posts: 359
    Is it an option to have your reception at the country house? Or a marquee there? You still have a while to find somewhere but it sounds like if it's a Saturday the other hotels are going to dictate to you what you can and can't do which is rubbish!
  • Yeah that is an option but I havent really looked into it due to the expense, they insist you use their suppliers who were ridiculously priced... might have to look into a Sunday wedding?!
  • Have a look at maybe a health club or cricket club, they usually really fair priced for receptions, and once u have dressed the rooms they do look stunning, and if u have a good look on the net there r loads of fair priced venue dressers image Just an idea image
  • We have the same venue for our ceremony and reception as I just had this horrible feeling that I would be stood in the middle of a car park trying to arrange people to share cars because people havent thought it all the way through with drinking etc. (or maybe thats just a reflection on my family/friends!) xx
  • We're having everything in one place as well.  I just couldn't face the expense of transportation for us and the guests.  Plus I won't be worrying about who's had too much to drink image

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