29th June Brides - how are we all doing?

Hi ladies,

Just thought would be nice to see how we are all getting on as our wedding date gets closer!!

I am slowly getting there, super excited as have make up and hair trial next week, then at end of April I get to have my first fitting for my dress, really cant wait to see my own dress for the first time, argh!!


  • rogesam27rogesam27 Posts: 98

    Hi, i am the weekend before you image Just had hair and make up trial, and have my dress fitting may 11th eekkkk. I have my hen do 2 weeks friday and can not wait. Good luck with all your plans x

  • susi1979susi1979 Posts: 78

    I'm feeling quite organised!

    Dont have my 1st dress fitting untill the middle of April, Can t wait. Its been so long since I tried it on, and i didnt get any photos so I ham excited/nervous to see how it looks.

    I still need to sort out my invites, We are getting married abroad so I already know who will be coming as they have all already boked their flights, so I dont really feel the need to rush!

  • Not too long now - just over 3 months! 

    I've not got a dress fitting until May, slightly nervous about that.  But feeling quite organised, all the big things are booked and the rsvps are coming in thick & fast.  Now it's on to all the little things.....decorations, table plan, name places, etc etc etc

  • Hi All, great idea for a thread MrsS image.

    Since we changed venue last week, I've got quite a bit to reorganise. We've got a meeting tomorrow with our wedding planner at our new venue image. I've got to chnge our flowers around a bit to suit our new venue and church, so have got to organise a meeting with our florist to visit both.
    I've got my first dress fitting on 19th April, hen do on 20th April and makeup trial on 3rd May image. I'm now doing my own hair as my hairdresser can't travel to our new venue and all the other good wedding hairdressers in the area are booked up, but I only wnt something simple so shouldn't be a problem.
    After that it's little things like the order of services, redoing the table plan, finishing writing the place cards etc. image xxx

  • Tink84Tink84 Posts: 44
    Hey ladies! Is it me or is time just whizzing by?! It's so scary / exciting how fast the time if going?!

    Is anyone else praying and hoping for good weather on Saturday 29th June 2013?!!!! I really really hope it's dry and sunny!! I'd take not sunny! Just DRY!! Anyone?!

    Hope everyone's plans are coming along well.... image xx
  • Hi Tink, I know, it's flying by! I can't believe how quickly the last three months in particulr have gone!!!
    Yes me!!! I really hope it's dry, it would make the whole day so much prettier and less hassle image
    How are your plans coming along? xxx

  • I can't believe how quickly it is coming around! It's a good job I've found this forum as everyone around me if getting fed up of how constantly excited I am! image

    Praying for sunny weather, fingers crossed! I'm also feleing pretty organsied about everything (only because I'm usually so unorganised in life we started planning ages ago!!) just trying to find shoes/veil etc at the moment - torn between shoes that are reasonably priced (ie debenhams, next) or paying more for proper wedding ones which are meant to be really comfortable (ie rainbow club). Any of you sorted footwear yet?! What do you reckon?


    Jo x

  • Hi Ladies,


    Hope your all well I feel so behind got loads to do!! Had my jabs for my honeymoon today though image


    Jo I got my brand new in box shoes for £24 from ebay (they were £100 in the bridal shop. I just kept looking for about 4 weeks the shoes name and size image

    11 weeks to go!




  • Amazing! Good work image I will begin checking ebay religiously . . !! image got my hair trial next weekend and my makeup one the morning of my hen do (didn't want to waste having nice make up on!!)

    Only thing I'm struggling with atm is centrepieces - my dad is a blacksmith and has made amazing wrought iron candlesticks which wrap around a vase (difficult to explain but looks nice i promise!) - only problem is I need to choose flowers to put in them, and my colour theme is royal blue. Don't have much of a budget either so am desperately trying to think up a way of doing them! Any ideas? (the strongest idea at the mo is to just have a hydrangea head with gyp around it, but I'm not 100% happy so eager for more options!)

    80 days ladies - so excited!! image

  • ruthpettruthpett Posts: 40

    Jo, How about blue dephiniums? I think they'll be in flower and you can get deep shades of blue.

  • Ooh I will look into and speak to my florist - thanks!!

    Less than 2 months to go ladies - I am getting so excited! How is everyone's planning going? I've got my hen do a week on Friday - don't know where I'm going! 


  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225

    Hello ladies, I'm the 27th soo not technically a 29th bride but I hope you'll forgiveimage soooo excited, time is just flying at the moment. Not much left for me weddings wise, just receptiony things which is a couple of weeks after we get back. Still need to sort underwear tho, any recommendations? 

    8 weeks ( thereabouts!) image x

  • We will indeed forgiveimage so exciting, the time is literally flying by! I still need to get underwear as well, have you found anywhere yet? I wasn't going to bother with all of the stockings/suspenders etc (esp as me and my h2b will probably crash out as soon as we get back to the room!) and (hopefully!) the weather will be hot and i don't want to be too hot . . .however, the more i think about it the more i would quite like the whole shebang, so i am now back on the hunt!ann summers has some nice ones, so popping in there next week!

    onto the final bits and bobs to do now image 5 and a bit weeks!!!!

  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225

    Ive ordered a wonderbra ultimate strapless for that if not, my oh so special primarni lift up strapless is what ive worn to try and to my latest fitting! (classy bride me!)

    Still on the hunt for shoes (flat ones)..have seen two pairs by Pink by Paradox (Flower and Heaven) but dont want to spend £70 on flats!

    Is time still flying for everyone? Just over 3 weeks! eeek! image

  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    Lol it's terrifying!!! I've got my hen Mk 2 this weekend plus I'm working the weekend after - nightmare!

    Looking forward to our honeymoon lol xx

  • Future_MrsSFuture_MrsS Posts: 151

    Hello lovely 29th June Brides to Be!!!

    Hope everyones plans are going ok and that we are all suitably excited!

    Just wanted to apologise to not getting round to my planning thread, time has escaped me, but I will definately do a wedding report. and just want to thank you all as have loved every minute of being on this site on the run up xxx

  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    Hi Mrs S! 

    Glad to hear you've been keeping busy! I had a long planning thread break but I'm back into it now image 

    So close now! Eek! Xxx

  • Future_MrsSFuture_MrsS Posts: 151

    Seems like yesterday that the wedding countdown said 400 days, and remember seeing other people's whose was a few weeks away xx

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