12 weeks today ladies!!

Oh my - it's just hit me that it's 12 weeks today until the wedding day! This has freaked me out ever so slightly...!! Not as organised as I'd hoped I'd be at this point.. How is everyone else doing? Xx


  • Lucym89Lucym89 Posts: 389
    Hey mrs smith 2b we are pretty much there just a few bits we can't do until nearer the time. Can't believe it's 12 weeks I just feel I can't wait any longer we've been planning for two years! I just want it here now.

    What have you got left to do don't panic everything will all come together I'm sure image

  • I'm just having a day of finishing invitations and then that's probably it! Need some nice lighting for our venue, do our table plan and place cards, order of service. Dress try on plus hair and make up trial is May 25th - eek!!! Can't wait now, so excited. But it also dawned on me while I'm spending time planning a wedding, I haven't even thought about sorting my honeymoon wardrobe!!! Xx
  • Lucym89Lucym89 Posts: 389
    Yeah we need to do our table plan not sure when to start all the rsvps are back now but don't want to do it as think its going to be stressful!! I have printed everyone's names out and we have laminate flooring so the idea is to cut the names out and move them round till we are happy!! Need to make all the order of services too. Oh we done that this weekend honeymoon clothes shopping it was so fun and I didn't feel bad as its for the wedding kind of lol xx
  • Wife2b13Wife2b13 Posts: 166

    I feel like Im panicking! Im on the 15th June and still feel like there is loads to do! 

  • Agreed. I have my away hen next weekend! OH is off to Vegas for his but needs to be after football season so that isn't til May. To be honest I can't wait til he's away as its also the week I try on my dress!!! Xx
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