June 29th Brides - 1 week to go!

Hi Girls!

I cant believe we only have 1 week untill our big days! How is everyone doing?

I waved my htb off on the bus at 3am this morning. He is heading over to Spain with his family a bit earlier than me, I wont join him untill Thursday. Its going to feel wierd not seeing him onthe run up to the big day! I'm feeling fairly organised now. My main streses are around whether our families are going to get on as they are all staying in the same complex so will see quite a it of each other. The will also all be there a few days before me so I'll not be able to see how things are going!

I have 3 more days at work before finishing up for the wedding. I have a very early flight on Thursday along with some of my best friends so i'm looking forward to a wee glass of vino at the airport to relax and celerate it all starting!

Hope you are all doing well! image


  • Amanda.Amanda. Posts: 56

    Hi, 2 weeks til mine. I finish work on wed so will have a week before my family arrive here. I'm nervous too about everyone getting on. I know there won't be arguements but  I want them to really like each other. There is quite a mix of people though!

    Will be strange for you not to see h2b, but will be more exciting to see himon the day.

    Hope it all goes amazingly for you. Enjoy some relaxing pampering days now til thurs.

    Have a great time.


  • Future_MrsSFuture_MrsS Posts: 151

    Hi susi, i can't believe we only have a week to go. Had my final fitting today. Can't wait finish work on Monday. It has come round so quickly x

  • by_the_seaby_the_sea Posts: 63

    Less than a week now...cant believe this time next Sunday it'll all be over.  Still at least it will be honeymoon time!

    I'm not feeling too bad.  Nothing much more to do apart from a bit of pampering! I've got the week off so am planning on having a sort out day tomorrow, a bit of a pamper on Tuesday (hair etc).  My best friend arrives rfom Oz on Thursday so I've got a fab day with her to look forward to.

    The major stress is people suddenly not coming...it's awful but 2 friends have parents who are in hospices and therefore arent sure if they're coming.  We totally understand, not going to rejig the table plans until the day before the wedding as we dont want to pressurise them in to making a decision.  

    @susi 1979 Try not to stress too much about people not getting on. Am sure they will, everyone will be on their best behaviour and there to have fun.  Remember they're there cos they love you, not to cause problems!  Enjoy...

    Good luck with the next few days


  • by_the_seaby_the_sea Posts: 63

    One day!!!

  • Amanda.Amanda. Posts: 56

    Best of luck for tomorrow. Have an amazing day, enjoy and take in every minute. You will be beautiful.



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