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Where are you going on honeymoon?

Hey fellow March brides!!

Where are we all off to on honeymoon?

Our wedding date is Saturday 19th March and we are jetting off to Meeru Island Resort, Maldives for two weeks of March hot hot sunshine.

So much to look forward to and so happy and grateful for my gorgeous h2b and all the plans we are planning together. xx


  • xMrsM2bexxMrsM2bex Posts: 138
    Hiya victoriahales, really cant decide where to go on our honeymoon, got a really tight budget 2 image. x
  • vicvac17vicvac17 Posts: 107
    we not going to be having a honeymoon till later in the year as husband to be only gets 20 days off work. already worked out he needs at least 4 days for the wedding unless wedding day falls on a saturday he would be working then its 5 days
  • Ice_GemzIce_Gemz Posts: 235
    We're planning on visiting friends in Tennessee for 3 weeks, possibly in May (ideally, leave the week before Whitsun Week and come back the week after, that way Chloe only misses 2 weeks off school, which should please her teacher)
  • nurseemmawnurseemmaw Posts: 42
    We are also getting married on the 19th March and we are flying out on the 21st to hopefully the sunny and beautiful Jamaica.

    So excited really can not wait!!! image
  • PinkStaPrincessPinkStaPrincess Posts: 1,676
    We're off to Sandals in Antigua!

    SROCHFORDBRIDE - where in Rochford r u marrying? I'm Maison Renouf!

  • nurseemmawnurseemmaw Posts: 42
    Pinkstarprincess We are not getting married in Rochford, we are getting married in Stoke Rochford in lincolnshire nr Grantham just on the A1.
  • We get married on Saturday 26th March... and I think we are pretty much decided on Cuba, flying out on Monday 28th! Can't wait image
  • burnsy193burnsy193 Posts: 1
    Hey- we're also getting married on March 26th and we've decided on Sri Lanka
  • joannabonejoannabone Posts: 30
    well We are planning on a little road trip. Flying to San Francisco driving down the cost but bypassing LA heading East to Phoenix then North to the Grand canyon over to Monument Vally, to Zion National Park and ending in Las Vegas!

    So something a bit different I'm not a sitting on the beach doing nothing sort or Gall lol!

    Not booked it yet, sorting out the house selling buying first which sadly is not going to plan.

  • PinkStaPrincessPinkStaPrincess Posts: 1,676
    Has anyone (who's going on a beach/hot honeymoon) thought about how to purchase their honeymoon wardrobe!???

    I don't want to buy it now coz of dieting and the risk i'll wear it before I go but I'm worried I won't find 10 days worth of amazing outfits in February!?!?

  • nurseemmawnurseemmaw Posts: 42
    Hi pinkstarprincess,

    Im also having the same worry/issue, i would love and am trying to lose some weight but am concerned that if i leave it till the winter i wont be able to find my ideal honeymoon outfits image
  • PinkStaPrincessPinkStaPrincess Posts: 1,676
    I know accessorize at the airport always has swimsuits n the like so wondering if they'll have a few online too?

    I'm thinking I can get my evening wear all year round in Monsoon/Coast etc but it's summer dresses, shorts, linen trousers and day wear in general that I think will be harder. I have some clothes that are 2 sizes too small which I hope to fit in but I'd really like new stuff seeing as it's my honeymoon!


  • Amandas28Amandas28 Posts: 738
    Im getting married on 26th March. Were going to go away on monday 28th to disneyland paris we have 2 young kids so thought we would do something with them. Then maybe later in the year were going to go away just us for a weekend. x
  • PinkStaPrincessPinkStaPrincess Posts: 1,676
    Nice one Amanda!!

    I wanted to go back to Disneyland for honeymoon but h2b is very much a 'seen it done it' character plus he said after our last Florida trip "14 days in theme parks with you - that wasn't a holiday - that was an endurance test!" !


  • Amandas28Amandas28 Posts: 738
    I know i love it! H2b doesnt know what he has let himself in for hehe x
  • PinkStaPrincessPinkStaPrincess Posts: 1,676
    Can I tag along - I'm desperate to be reunited with Mickey & Minnie & Co!!!
  • Hey

    We're getting married on the 12th of March and are going to Orlando for 4 nights, then doing a 7 night Caribbean cruise then back to Orlando for another 5 nights. Can't wait! We fly on Tues 15th so will be fine to have a few days to get organised after the big day.

    RE your honeymoon wardrobe we've already started buying holiday clothes. I buy loads from Primark and you just won't get cheap little t-shirts and shorts, bikinis etc in Jan/Feb! I've also bought dresses for evenings etc too. Just buying it and packing it up leaving it all covered up in a protective cover in the spare room so it doesn't get ruined. Out of sight out of mind image x

  • We get married on the 18th march & hope to fly out on the 20th to Vegas for 4 nights then off to cancun for 7 days then to new york for 3 nights, cannot wait! We managed to get a really good deal from travel zoo they do really good cheap hols! xx
  • vicvac17vicvac17 Posts: 107
    We have finally made a decision image We are gonna go to Orlando imageimage but not gonna be till September as H2Bs work were being stroppy bout him having time off for wedding and honeymoon together image Still at least it means I have plenty of time to change my passport over plus we gonna be away for H2Bs birthday so gonna try n book dolphine swimming for that image
  • Hi girls,

    I'm also getting married on the 26th March, seems like a popular date!

    H2B has been saying for months that we can't afford a honeymoon (which is probably true!) and he's been diappointed so I have secretly been saving every penny I have to suprise him.

    We are going to Mexico on the 24th April, staying at the Excellence Riviera which looks amazing. I'm very excited to see the look on his face! x
  • Hi

    We get married on the 27th March and we are going Mexico - we dont fly out till the 4th April as we have 2 children however the grandparents have offered to look after them so we have 10 days to ourselfs - cant wait for the wedding so excited
  • We're getting married on the 25th March, and fly to Lanzarote on the 27th image
  • I'm March 19th too! We fly to Egypt on March 20th!
  • Ice_GemzIce_Gemz Posts: 235
    Well we can't afford flights to Tennessee now image so just going to Kent for a week during May half term with Tesco rewards vouchers instead. Not quite the same image
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    We're getting married on 12th March. Best man is flying over from Australia for the wedding and we have delayed our honeymoon until 8th April so that we can be in Australia for his wedding.

    I CAN"T wait. xxx
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