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Finally booked Honeymoon!

Yey Im soooo excited lol! We decided ages ago we wanted to go to Orlando but Didnt know when we were gonna be able to get it booked. Went out today after OH finished work just to try and get some prices but ended up booking it as the deal we were quoted was good!

So its Orlando here we come next september for 10 days! Will give us something to look forward to between March and September lol


  • Thats excellent - what date are you getting married and how are your plans coming along ?
  • vicvac17vicvac17 Posts: 107
    Wedding is on March 19 image

    Plans are starting to come together just finishing off making last of the invites
  • Cool hun! I booked my honeymoon as well now. Going to Disneyland Paris cant wait. Were getting married on 26 March.

    Just finished making my invites its taken me ages x
  • vicvac17vicvac17 Posts: 107
    i made a batch of ours the other week and made the last 10 this morning in under an hour lol gave me something to do while wating for landlord to come round.

    im really excited for orlando! we gonna try n book dolphin swimming
  • Congratulations, we haven't even decided where we are going yet! All of a sudden I think we need to start making decisions and start doing the invitations image

    We are getting married Friday March 25th....not long now ladies.
  • vicvac17vicvac17 Posts: 107
    took us ages to decide where to go. we were orignally looking at going to malta but then decided to go somewhere we would prob never get the chance to go to again! we both looking forward to it!
  • Glad the plans are coming along - we are getting married on the 27th - we have just sent all our invites out - just waiting on the RSVP's now - we are going Mexico for our honeymoon
  • vicvac17vicvac17 Posts: 107
    our invites are going out for the day next week and then the evening ones prob in december next few weeks are going to be manic i think
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