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Moss Bros Hell....could scream!

Hi girls,

Anyone else having trouble getting any sort of customer service from Moss Bros in the London area?

I am fuming and at my wits end. All I want to do is get my h2b into a shop to try on some suits. Is that too much to ask? All we have had is shut doors in our faces...

It's getting beyond a joke now and we have already wasted a whole day of annual leave for a complete waste of time. Why are the sales staff so stroppy and rude. You don't expect it in a place dealing with weddings and happy occasions. God only knows what would have happened if the woman at my bridal shop had been as rude.

Sorry rant over. All I need to do is get the blokes sorted out. So stressed out. x


  • I'm with you hun! We have had the exact same problem but not just moss bros. Burton and Debenhams also do a hire service but you can't see the suits as they only get them in if you order them! Crazy or what!
  • we are using moss bros..... and we have had really good customer service! We went to their shop in bournemouth and h2b and fob could try on all the suits they liked, and when we went to the shop in southampton, they were really helpful and bought us out all the waistcoats we liked, and let them try them on?

    Maybe its a location thing?

  • I'd agree it is a location thing, my other half has gone into Guildford and they were really helpful. The inly thing that irritates me about Moss Bros is all the hidden charges and hefty deposit!
  • Ice_GemzIce_Gemz Posts: 235
    I've heard bad things about Moss Bros so we're avoiding them like the plague. We're in Essex and we're using Anthony formalwear.
  • 1975Monkeygirl, I'm looking to use Moss Bros can you elaborate on the hidden charges (they are too well hidden for me) image thanks x
  • Ice_GemzIce_Gemz Posts: 235
    Ria, here is the link to their FAQs, number 9 states that you have to put down a £200 deposit to hire a suit-

    I believe it is per suit and in cash (not just a card swipe) image
  • Ice_Gemz that is shocking! The small print we have on the bottom of the price list that we have says it's a card swipe but the FAQs don't mention it image Thanks for the tip off! Have you booked with Moss Bros?


  • Sorry Ice_Gemz just seen that you avoided them!
  • I would give them a ring?

    We have booked 4 classic suits to hire - jacket, trousers, waistcoat and shirt - our deposit was about £250 for all 4, so i would check?

    We paid the deposit using a card, no cash.....

    We have had really good customer service from them so far.....

  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    We had the same experience - their customer service is shocking (we are up North though)

    We are now using Slaters menswear who have been fantastic. So helpful. Even had the best man measured/fitted in Newcastle, ushers in Leeds and my fella and Dad in Manchester. Not sure if they are just up North but can't recommend them enough

    Good luck xx
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