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what date in march is your big day xx

mine is 31st sooooooooooo excited xx


  • mines 24th... im sooo excited too!! how far into the planning are you? x
  • every thing booked paid just groom bm and sons suits brides maids dresses then finishedx

    how far r u x
  • OMG how organised are you!! thats great! where abouts are you?

    i have venue, ceremony my ring and honeymoon done. photographer done, cake done and seeing girl abt invitations 2mrw..

    other than that im still not sorted haha.. eeekk!! xx
  • Mine is 3rd. Can't believe how organised you ladies are - we have just about sorted venue and I've got my dress but that's it! Eeeek, scary how much there is to do image
  • teapot - dress is the hardest bit for me so absobloodylutely well done on that one! i just cant seem to find what i want in that department! x
  • I fell in love with and ordered the first one i tried on image Have vowed to stop looking now in case I've changed my mind by the time it arrives! What style of dress are you looking for candj?x
  • im after a very informal, short dress... if you go on my other topics, have a look at my thread "short dress on short girl" theres a pic of my ideal dress on there..

    i want my whole day to be nice and chilled - just like us.. if we were any more laid back we'd be horizontal! haha!
  • Mine is the 30th!

  • We booked ours last week for the 29th. The ladies on here have booked/planned so much it's having me a little worried!

    We will wake up finally as a married couple on our 10 year anniversary :0)
  • MissTtoMrsD, that's such a lovely date to have it - makes it extra special! We have chosen the 3rd as it is my parents wedding anniversary.xx
  • hey girls, we get married march 2nd! So exciting got my dress the other day and venue is booked xxx
  • we will have been together 10 years too.. im accepting no excuse for a forgotten anniversary going forward haha! xx
  • HummoHummo Posts: 2,115

    Were marrying March 10th! Marrying in Ireland- Galway bay to be precise- have got everything booked- got my dress, and going BM shopping next month!

    Were marrying on our 11th year anniversary!
  • I am so excited, my day is 15th March abroad, then when we get home we are having a UK reception on 31st March. I thought I was quite organised until I have seen what you've all done! x
  • Madmoo ... I am getting married on the 31st too. Yay! Where abouts are you getting married? x
  • KRose07KRose07 Posts: 19
    I'm getting married on the 24th. Eeeekk can't wait everything is coming together nicely!

    We have booked venue, church, photographer, car, suits, my dress, bm dresses. Chosen flower man, cake lady, got lady coming for veune decorations, dj and coach. Just got to put deposits down now! Not choosen what invitations we having yet! So I would say I'm kinda got it under way! image x
  • Mine is March 16th!!!! 365 days and one hour to go!! So excited and very nervous at the same time!! xxx
  • Mine is one year today image I can now start counting in days. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!
  • Mrs Garcia2be, where is your wedding?
  • It's in the Drakensberg, South Africa. Then have a reception back in the uk on 31st March, you?
  • It's in the Drakensberg, South Africa. Then have a reception back in the uk on 31st March, you?
  • my wedding is 17th March. The date me & h2b got together.
  • MrsGarcia2be

    Ours is Allerton Castle, north yorks. Can't wait, counting down the days now!

  • mine is 17th of march! cant wait!! done my venue, my dress, flower girl dresses, snd thats its so far! x
  • madmooukmadmoouk Posts: 45
    im getting married at the stone manor in kidderminster xx where are you getting married ? x image31stmarch2012 answer to your question x

  • icklekidicklekid Posts: 732
    I am also getting married on the 31st and so excited! Have booked church, reception,sorted cake and photographer so far! Really enjoying planning everything so looking forward to spreading things out to do but would really like to have my dress sorted! Only just found this forum but looking forward to seeing what everyone else chooses! imageimage
  • Cassidypearce - you're my wedding twin, I'm on the 17th as well. Where is yours? Mine's in Derbyshire.
  • mine is 31st march and i am so unorganised, i still havent found a reception venue image all that is booked is the church and im having a diy wedding so ive started to make alot of stuff.
  • MissTtoMrsDMissTtoMrsD Posts: 130
    Wow, so many of you getting married on the 31st! Anyone my date twin of the 29th?

    Feel like we have so much to do in such little time. The next 9 months will fly by!
  • It's so exciting to hear about all the other march brides! Mine is Friday 16th... Very excited! I've got most things booked now just got suits to sort and food tasting to book - we're having afternoon tea instead of a meal in the afternoon reception and I want to make sure all our guests get enough food! Having hog roast at night but still I don't want people going hungry. Saved us a fortune doing it that way though! Only bit I have no idea on is cake... Every time I overspend somewhere my cake budget gets smaller and smaller... It's practically non existent now! image
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