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10 days to go...

10 days to go, 10 days to go, 10 days to go!

Think my excitement levels may have peaked a tad early but there's only 10 days to go!!!!! imageimageimageimage


  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    yay how exciting for you! xxx
  • How exciting! You all organised? image
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078

    I still have 66 days to go, but it feels like about 3 weeks! 10 days is like... THIS SH!T IS REAL!!!
  • It is VERY VERY real now, can't believe it!

    All organised just gotta put the favours together, can't do that till Monday as half the favour is in Cornwall (where we're getting married) and the other half is here at home (Oxfordshire)

    Am getting very excited, picking my dress up on Monday as well, the shop are steaming it for me this weekend. Can't wait to wear it.
  • icklekidicklekid Posts: 732
    15 days for me image this half term at work has been horribly bust and stressful so looking forward to it being over. People keep saying you must be so excited and I am but could so do without the stress at work right now! image are you checking weather reports lots or is that just me?image
  • Not checked the weather report yet, just keeping my fingers crossed.

    Just hoping it's dry so we can get some pictures taken on the beach. Don't mind if its cold!
  • Hey I think we have the same date! Only 5 days now... AGAGAGHAHHHH!!! Is everything done for yours? x
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