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5 days to go and very stressed

I have spent 18 months meticulously planning my wedding, which is this Saturday, and other people are screwing it up!!!!

First the ceremony venue 'forgot' to do any order of service booklets (even though I asked them about it weekly since Christmas) and they wont go to the printer till Wednesday - they told me not to worry because we 'should have them in time'... oh well if they SHOULD be there on time, THAT'S OK THEN!!!!!

Then on Saturday my bms and I went to the dress shop for the final fittings for all our dresses - mine was fine, but the 3 bms dresses are 'misplaced'. Luckily two have now been found and the bms can go for final fittings on Tuesday, but one is still missing. They think it's at the seamstresses house but can't get hold of her. This is my sister's dress. The worst thing is that they told me the confusion had arisen because someone else has the same second name as me - my name is incredibly unusual and I have never met anyone (or even heard of anyone) with it who I'm not related to in my entire life - so they are obviously just bullshitting, which really annoyed me.

Then my fi woke up yesterday with an ENORMOUS and very sore looking sty.

I'm working till Wednesday lunchtime, which I really regret because I can't concentrate on anything.

Sorry for the rant I'm just feeling very stressed!!!


  • Ok now I've read back over that it doesn't seem so bad. I should chill.
  • Capt82Capt82 Posts: 57
    I get married week on Friday. I am relatively calm thankfully but I do work myself up over things and got very stressed around Christmas time so sympathise!

    You have to remember that these type of things WILL work out ok. If you have to print order of service out on your home printer, you can, its not ideal but also not the worse thing that can happen. Guests wont remember anything but how great you both look and the vows. The dresses would seriously stress me out too but if absolutely necessary, you can go into Coast or another retail on Friday and buy a replacement dress for your sister. There is always a plan b even if its not as you want, the wedding will go ahead despite all this.

    Being happy and relaxed for your day is more important. I found the only real way to relax is to let go of things and stop trying to control it all, from now on and just go with the flow.

    Your day will be amazing.

  • Thank you, you are totally right.

  • You're very level headed! You are right that it's not awful but sometimes we need to rant to get it out. Glad you're feeling better but feel free to rant!

    Good luck with it all and have an AMAZING wedding (with or without orders of service, matching BMs and sties). xx
  • smophlewsmophlew Posts: 295
    If the worst comes to the worst with the dress go in and buy another - they do lovely ones in coast or debenhams (as another lady said above). Your sister will feel more special as she has a different dress, so perhaps a different shade of your theme colour and it will go lovely image hope all goes to plan but even if it doesn't it will be lovely either way and on the day I bet you won't even worry. Enjoy every second image x
  • 4 days and now even more stressed! The dress situation still isn't resolved and we just found out BA have changed the times of our flights both outbound and return. It means we effectively lose two days of our 5 day honeymoon. I'm so gutted. There are no other flights on the dates we need and basically it seems like there's nothing we can do. It seems so unfair. They also said we might not be able to sit together on the flight unless we paid £40 to choose our seats now! I can't believe this from BA. So angry.
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    that's terrible! and BA do that adveret about 'no knowing where you'll be sitting charge'

    I'd complain xx
  • icklekidicklekid Posts: 732
    Rubbish image if it helps I have cried every day for the last week without exception! Also my dress is far from perfect and not a lot I can do about that. At least yours is fine. Rubbish about the honeymoon I would write and complain you may well get compensation?
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    just seen the date of this post. hoping everything got sorted as LondonBride2012 was indeed that yesterday. what lovely weather to get married in

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