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Has anyone started planning yet?

I have everything planned in my head but not started booking anything. Can't decide whether it's too soon or not.


  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    We have the venue booked because we paid the deposit years ago when we were going to marry originally, so we get to use that same deposit.

    Today I put a deposit down on the photographer but only because he's a good one and he's doing it for just £300 so wanted to secure the price!

    Not much I can do now really, will book DJ and that nearer the 12 month mark I think.

    Where are you getting married?
  • hi im also getting married in march 2013,we have almost paid the venue off,got the rings,guest book,invitations,favour boxes,i didnt know when to start organising everything else as i went to a shop to talk about chair cover hire and she said i was to early so i walked out of the shop,im in doncaster and would love to share ideas
  • I wouldn't have thought it was too early to book venue decorators, it's another of the big things to most people, try some more companies and I bet they are happy to oblige. I have mine booked!
  • I also have my dress picked and the deposit on that sorted. Again I picked and paid a few years ago so just got to go back next summer and order it.
  • All i gotta say girls is.... in wedding world, it is never too early to start planning and booking stuff...

    The photographer I wanted is already booked, one of the car companies we looked at had no Bentleys available and our wedding isnt til March 13! image

    One venue we looked at only had a handful of dates available for Spring 13, so I strongly advise you to get a rough number of how many guests you think you might be having, and at least get your dream venue booked, as popular venues have dates booked right up until 2014/15!

    However said that, I am an extremely cautious and organised person, having just attended a wedding which was organised chaos, it has just confirmed my belief that a girl can never be too organised!
  • The earlier you get everything sorted the better that way you have less stress as the day gets closer, plus you'll get your pick of venue, cars, photographer etc.

  • I'm also getting Married March 2013

    We booked our venue last week and i'm on the lookout for what else I can book as we're also getting married on Easter Saturday so am mindful that not everyone will want to work!

    i'm researching everything, favor's, DJ's and now a photographer

    i'm in Essex, and have had a quote for a photographer of £400 - think its really cheap and a bit worried if i'm gonna regret booking him, but saying that his pics are good on his website - decisions, decisions

    has anyone else picked a photographer yet - if so how much are you paying? x
  • Hi i know some photgrpahers and venues at the minute that are booking up to 2015.

    Therefore I guess if you want the best you will need to book early?
  • We have booked our photographer already. We have a CD only deal (all images on a CD so we can print out or own and make albums ourselves, much cheaper ordering albums from photobox and such places!) for £295 for just the wedding ceremony and a few group/pose shots afterwards.
  • have a big list of photographers who charge under £500 - do plenty of research, compare and maybe ask photographers to price match?
  • Aurelia13Aurelia13 Posts: 122
    We got 5 hours photography and all images copyright free on a disc for £500. Our photographer's website said he only did full days but with it being a sunday we asked if he would do any less and he was happy to oblige.

    It's always worth asking despite what their websites say. Especially as I like a certain style of photography and all the others who worked in the same style were soooo expensive!
  • We've got the date and time booked with the registrar and confirming with the venue tomorrow so I guess those are the most important things for now?

    Then I'm going to try and restrain myself until after Christmas!! image
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