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We are abit quite on here...

So was thinking off trying to get some more posts and some back ground knowledge on how we met our H2B and why we have chosen the venue, colour schemes and dates.

I actually met my h2b back on the 18th March 2000 when i was 13 and he was 14 we started going out way back then and obviously as we were young we were on and off up until August 2002 then i went into care and we just lost contact. I never forgot about him and always thought about him infact i had a picture of him in my purse all the way up until I had my 1st child at 19 and my ex found it and made me take it out image I plodded on in my rubbish relationship had another child after getting caught on implant and in 2008 as i was ready for leaving my ex i came home from work and found a friend request on facebook and couldnt believe it was my h2b he must have spent ages searching for me as when we were together i was known by my mums ex husbands surname and had vhanged back to using my original surname. We got talking and all them old feelings and the attraction from when we were younger all came flooding back for the both of us. i spoke to my ex and he agreed we hadnt been good together for a long time and as it was nearly xmas we agreed that he could stay for xmas and then he was to leave me and h2b thought it would be more respectful that we didnt see or meet eachother until my ex had moved out and my sons had come to terms with the split as they were only 2 and 1 and finally in april 2009 we became a couple again and i have never been happier. We are getting married March the 16th because its the closest date we could get on a weekend to when we 1st met back in 2000, we chose the venue which was a choice out of 2 we looked at shottle hall in derbyshire and eastwood hall. We went for eastwood hall as it has an amazing drive with cattle grazing, gorgeous grounds and a spa in the hotel. We have gone for chocolate and white colour scheme and luckily enough we dont have to do too much decorating of the room we chose as its chocolate and brown in colour image plus as we are getting married on the outskirts of winter we think it will go with the season. Sorry to waffle on here hopefully i will get to read some from others on the board


  • I was thinking that we're a bit quiet on this board too! H2B and I have been together for 4 years next month so it will be 5 and a bit years when we get married. In terms of venue, we're at Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot, which I just fell in love with as soon as I saw it! We didn't have a particular reason for choosing March (23rd) - it was just a combination of wanting a spring wedding, venue availability and a 50% off venue hire offer!! image

    What have you booked/bought so far?
  • I have booked wedding venue which we got a all inclusive deal with them so we get to use the old house to get married in which they will put a red carpet out for me, a 3 course meal with everyone aving a glass of wine/juice on going in, 1 with the meal and champers for toasting, we have a evening bbq buffet with a dj, a room for the night and thats come to £4500, we have also booked the registrar and ordered my bridal shoes everything else we are gonna have to wait till after xmas as buying for 3 kids is a expensive job lol would love to go dress shopping but have a hysterectomy in new year so gonna wait till im recovered from that before i go. What have you done so far?
  • Wow you're organised! image I hope your recovery time goes really quickly so you can start dress shopping! We have the venue and registrar booked, as well as the florist (she's a friend so she'll be a guest too). I've been dress shopping once so far so now have a bit more of an idea of what I'd like. Next stop photographer for us!
  • We are booking photographer after xmas when we have abit more spare cash lol having 3 kids is an expensive affiar at xmas but we have budgeted this year too
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