wedding gift for h2b

Just wondering if anyone has thought about getting their h2b a gift and if so what are you planning to get him? I will be having some bridal boudoir pics taken in my wedding lingerie complete with shoes and veil etc. I will be giving it to him the night before the wedding i know he wont get the surprise of whats under the dress but it will get him a lil hot under the collar lol


  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    I'm getting mine some heat warmer socks so he doesn't get cold feet, I've bought a whiskey glass which was personalised with our new surname on (im taking his name but when i heard you can make your own name up i combined them and keep winding him up about having it) and I'll be getting a mini jd or something and a photo of us from when we first met.
  • Mine collects watches (the wrist type) so I'm probably going to get him a silver pocket watch (to be a bit different) and get it engraved.
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