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23rd March 2013

We have our wedding booked for 23rd March 2013, so I was just wondering if anyone else had chosen the same day?


  • I'm the weekend after on 30th (Easter Weekend) image
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    Yay, a day twin! We've booked our wedding for the 23rd March as well. I'm sure it will completely speed by!
  • I hope so! ManthaH - where are you up to in your planning?
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    Well we've booked the venue and placed our deposit this week. We're now in the final planning stages of our invitations (we're DIYing it!) and we are hoping to get these printed and ready next weekend - we're roping in the family to help.

    Then next week I'm going to go dress hunting - there is a sales outlet not too far from here so fingers crossed I can find something.

    Where are you with your plans? It's exciting image
  • Good luck with your dress shopping - I found mine just before Christmas and I can't wait until it arrives. Probably won't be for another 5 months or so though! image

    Other than that we have our venue, photographer, florist and save the date cards, which I'm planning to send out after we've spoken to the registrar on 23rd March this year. Next stop DJ and cake! We've also settled on our honeymoon so hoping to book that this week, although H2B's in charge of that!

    Happy planning!
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    Wow very organised! Where are you going on your honeymoon? We can't decide whether to have a short break in Europe immediately after the wedding and then a more exotic holiday later in the year with the Virgin vouchers we hope to get!
  • Hopefully we're going to Antigua - we're intending to book with Turquoise Holidays and leaving on the Monday after the wedding. It's worth checking them out if you're not 100% decided. The service has been excellent so far and we haven't even booked yet!
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    Had a look at Turquoise weddings and they look lovely. As we are asking for money for wedding gift we may look to book a more luxury holiday later in 2013. We do think we're going to go to Las Vegas the week after the wedding though as it's somewhere we've both always wanted to go image
  • VicrafVicraf Posts: 23
    We have booked (dependent on Church) for the 23rd too!
  • Yay another date twin - or does that make us date triplets? image

    How's your planning going Vicraf?
  • VicrafVicraf Posts: 23
    Planning is not going very well to be honest. Only decided the invitations and the venue so far. Just cannot make a decision on anything really. Seem to spend a lot of time looking but not deciding.
  • There's so much to choose from so I get what you mean on the looking not deciding! I'd say just go with your instincts and you'll know when something is right! I certainly did with my dress! image
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    Ooh date triplets - how exciting!

    I seem to have fallen into the looking category at the moment as well. I've made a couple of decisions such as BM dresses, their shoes and my shoes. But other than that not really going anywhere... I need to decide venue decoration but flowers are expensive so I'm umming and aahing between fake and real at the moment.
  • 1 year, 1 week and 1 day, ladies! I can't wait til I can call the registrar next week! image

    ManthaH - I know what you mean about the flowers. Have a chat with a florist about what's available and cheap at this time of year and see what they can do within your budget? We're having avalanche roses and cream ranunculus (or however you spell it). Apparently the latter are super-cheap but so pretty!
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    I love the look of peonies and have found some quite realistic flowers online. I have struggled to find ones I like in the UK though. Don't think the real thing are in season in March unfortunately image

    I love avalanche roses and ranunculus, some of the silk bouquets I've been looking at have both of those in!
  • One year to go, ladies! image
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    I realised just this second its a year today and after texting H2B I thought I better post on here! Eeek, starting to feel very real now!
  • I just called the registrar and paid them another £50 (argh!) and I've made our appointment for giving notice for April. Very real and very exciting! image
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    Ooh when are you giving notice? We have a week off in April for my birthday so we're giving notice on the 10th. I was so excited when we booked the appointment! I have had a disaster 24 hours though, I've completely gone off my dress image
  • So we're both April birthdays AND March weddings? Spooky! image We're giving notice on 20th April - we got the ceremony pack yesterday though, so it was quite exciting looking through the options for the vows etc!

    What dress have you gone for? Has it been delivered yet? Either way, maybe go and try it (or the sample) on again? You might feel differently if you actually put it on... Remind yourself why you loved it? If you still are having second thoughts though, I'd look into getting another - you want to get married to The One, whilst wearing The One, if that makes sense!
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    How very spooky! It's my birthday on the 11th so hopefully it'll be a nice treat for me the day before. And I manage to find a wedding ringimage

    I don't know who made my dress (helpful I know!) but I've contacted the shop it came from as I decided over the weekend that although it's a lovely dress it's just not the look I want for my big day, and they are going to *fingers crossed* let me exchange my dress!

    I know exactly what you mean about marrying the one, whilst wearing the one! It defines exactly how I'm feeling to be honest hehe.

    Have you got your dress yet? I may well have seen it posted around but they all become a bit of a blur some days image
  • Ooo so close - my birthday is 13th! I hope it all goes well for you!

    It definitely sounds like you're doing the right thing with your dress. Let me know what you go for instead! I was a bit worried that I ordered mine really early, but I've been lucky in that every other one I've looked at (albeit only in magazines etc) doesn't quite match up! I have no idea how to post pictures on here but mine is Essense of Australia, D1042 - It's called Starlight - you can't see on the picture, but it has tiny sparkles all over the skirt so it really twinkles!
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    Very close indeed - think if it'd been the same day it would have been just too weird! Happy early birthday anyway image

    Your dress is very pretty, I bet it's very flattering as well!

    This time next week hopefully I'll be showing off a new dress and all pleased again - H2B has made me promise not to look at any more once I've found the next one!!
  • And you! Our last ones as single girls! image

    I'll keep my fingers crossed on the dress front. Let us know what you go for!
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    They let me swap my dress! So pleased and can't praise the shop enough. I don't know who the designer is image But I have put a piccie below!

  • Oh I'm so pleased for you - that's great news! And you look fab! image
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    Thank you image

    I feel so relieved now, just need to decide how to style it now hehe. I can hear my bank crying already!
  • I know what you mean - I'm looking for some sort of comb for my hair at the moment. I did order my bridesmaid dresses on Friday though which was another big tick on my list image
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    Ooh where is your bridesmaid dress from?

    I've found lots of lovely hair combs on Etsy but I'm finding it hard to imagine them on a head rather than just a piccie in front of me.
  • They're from Alfred Angelo - style 7093 in mocha. My colour scheme is gold and cream so hopefully they'll look great! Have you got that far yet?
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