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Easter theme ideas?????

I'm getting married on Saturday 30th March 2013, which is the day before Easter Sunday. I'm hoping to incorporate a bit of an Easter/Spring theme, just a few subtle things. Any ideas???


  • jefnurjefnur Posts: 359
    Sorry - my first thought was "wow - you could have real baby chicks and bunnies at your wedding!" a la Bridesmaids when they gave out puppies at the bridal shower.

    Obviously that's a stupid idea - the painkillers I'm taking are having more of an effect on me than I thought!

    Were you thinking Easter religious or Easter commercial? I like the idea of pastel colours, fresh spring flowers, apple blossom or something subtle like that! I'm getting married on the 30th March this year - our venue has hundreds of daffodils in the gardens at that time of year - it's so pretty!
  • 20Mel13 - you're the week after me! image Where are you getting married?

    In terms of the theme, I agree with jefnur on the pastel colours and spring flowers. You could also have mini eggs or something in little baskets for your favours although that is a very obvious spring thing! Or if you're acknowledging the whole 'new life' part of spring, maybe use packets of seeds?
  • Lots of daffodils?!

    You could arrange an egg hunt for the kids too! I would have liked to have done this, but we chose the weekend after easter because we thought people may be on holiday so no egg hunt for us!
  • 20Mel1320Mel13 Posts: 110
    Thanks for the ideas image

    Jefnur- I like your thinking, I would LOVE to have real bunnies and chicks! Probably a tad impractical though. In answer to your question- I'm thinking commercial Easter.

    soontobeamrs- We're having our wedding at Judges Country House Hotel near Yarm (north east area of England). How about you?

    I think I'll definitely go with the egg hunt idea for the kids, they'll love it! Also like the idea of having pastle colours. I'm hoping there will be lots of daffodils around the venue, I'll have to check this coming March to see how it looks.

    Thanks again for the ideas image
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