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Cake! :D

So excited!

I found a photo of a lovely cake online and emailed it to a few local cake makers. I got some quotes for £400+ (One £495!) but the local one who comes highly recommended have said £230! How great is that? image

Great considering we were going to have a M&S cake but now we don't need to because this is just as cheap.

That is all! lol


  • Well done you! We haven't got as far as cakes yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to the tastings! image
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    We put a deposit down for the cake a few weeks back, decided to have an extra tier, went for chocolate and delivery/set up so upped the price a bit but I don't want to be worrying about someone collecting it on the day and it arriving in one piece.

    Since then though my h2b bought me a box of cupcakes from the same shop and I was really dissapointed. The icing was way too sweet and over powering with vanilla essence. I really hope it was just because they're cup cakes and the wedding cake will be ok!
  • Don't worry - cupcake frosting often is far sweeter than royal or fondant icing. Check with the shop as to what kind they'll be using to put your mind at rest.
  • Ive only ever heard of a cake maker making their own icing (sugarpaste/fondant) once... They pretty much always buy it in (Im a cake maker myself) because the average 3 tier cake needs approx 5-6kg of the stuff and its an absolute b*gger to make yourself! so I wouldn't worry too much! The only thing that would be over flavoured would be the filling.

    you could always ask if they do a tasting or sample session? Any good cake maker will love to as its an excuse to show off their craft! image

    If not you could request minimum filling on the cake if you're worried they will put too much in it and it will end up being sickly?
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    We tried some cake at the time we put a deposit down which was nice. It was mainly the icing on the cupcakes that was too strong.
  • In that case hun, I wouldn't worry about it one bit.

    I often get poor feedback re: cupcakes being too sweet, but thats because its a helluva lot of buttercream frosting for such a small piece of cake!

    So when I fill a cake, The whole cake has a similar amount of buttercream to 1-2 cupcakes!

    But as long as your'e having cake and not cupcakes I wouldn't let it worry you.

    hope this helps hun? x
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    Yes thanks! image
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