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Have u started looking yet? Purchased? I'm thinking about starting in Easter hols but is that too soon!?


  • 20Mel1320Mel13 Posts: 110
    I dont think the easter hold is too soon, it may take a while to find the ONE. I've looked at some on the internet but haven't been to any shops yet. I'm quite relaxed about it seen as it's over a year away but after some gentle nudges from my friends I've decided to go to a local shop at the weekend then a few more in February half term. Some people have mentioned to me that they can take a long time to be made, then they usually alterations. Happy dress shopping! image
  • I've found mine already and ordered it just before Christmas! I'm glad that I did as mine won't arrive until July and then they recommend leaving around 3 months for alterations. The lady in the shop where I got mine also recommended not buying shoes until your actual dress arrives as there is always a small margin of error and length, and you don't want to end up with a dress that looks too short or too long with your shoes.

    Happy dress hunting! I loved it!
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    I don't think it's too soon at all, I'm planning on starting the proper hunt next week. It's going to be hopefully the happiest day of my life and I'd like to be prepared image Good luck!
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