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Weight loss

Anyone else need to lose weight?

I could do with losing a stone if not 2. I mainly want to get rid of some of the boobage because being a GG at 5'2 looks ridiculous! Lol

I go on the wii most days for at least 30 mins of Zumba or just dance but it's the not eating part I struggle with! Especially when stressed.


  • Emma1311Emma1311 Posts: 130

    We sound like we have the same goal I am getting married in april 2013 and also need to lose 2 stone also hoping it comes off my boobs as im 5ft 4 and have size ff boobs (why anyone would want big boobs is beyond me I am currently doing Weight Watchers and have lost 7lbs in 3 weeks. I haven't really exercised just chased after my little boy. But i must admit with WW i havent been hungry and you can eat anything you like just in moderation.

    Hope this helps.
  • Boo81ukBoo81uk Posts: 254
    Yes, me definitely! I still have a stone of baby weight to lose. Although I don't think I can even call it baby weight anymore. She's nearly 11 months old image

    I'd be chuffed with 1.5 stones!
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    Boo81uk my 'baby' is 1, plus I'm carrying weight from my 4yr old still!
  • I have lost alot of weight from my stomach and hips but at the very top of my thighs they are huge compared to the rest of me and makes me look all out of proportion image I am atm cleaning up my diet so to speak as i cant exercise yet as I had an hysterectomy 6 weeks ago thursday so im looking at being able to exercise in June
  • Boo81ukBoo81uk Posts: 254
    Boo81uk my 'baby' is 1, plus I'm carrying weight from my 4yr old still!

    Lol, our kids will be 18 and we'll still be calling it baby weight!! image
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