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Weather worries

I know it's a few weeks yet til March plus you really never know but is anyone else a little worried about the recent weather we're having?

I don't expect sunshine and a heat wave for my wedding but I'm not sure I want a snow storm either or people struggling to get to a venue through country lanes risking their lives!

Maybe I'm thinking too much into it.


  • This is one of the reasons we have gone local to family and friends as you just never know last year by the time march got round we had warmer then usual weather and this year the complete opposite lol. I will be getting some umbrellas though and i think snow covered grounds would make a lovely back drop for photos lol
  • Boo81ukBoo81uk Posts: 254
    March is one of those times of the year where you just cannot predict the weather! We're getting married Easter weekend. I remember last Easter the weather was quite nice but a few years ago there was snow in London on Easter Sunday!

    I guess we'll have a better idea this time next year and then we can be more prepared with umbrellas/fans or whatever we will need! image
  • I don't think you can predict what's going to happen so just make sure you've got a good weather and a bad weather plan! Our venue set this up for us automatically before it even crossed my mind! image
  • I know you can't predict the weather, but you can plan for it! You could always buy some weddington boots and some large white umbrellas just in case of bad weather, then at least you've got a plan should it rain/snow!
  • at least you're not actually getting married this March in this weather!! hoping it goes in the next 26 days image
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    be prepared for severe weather in a way which means some of your guests might not be able to come. Our insurance will reschedule our wedding if the weather is no bad that either 50%+ of the guests can't come or one of our suppliers can get there. we're getting hitched in the summer though so im sure we'l be fine but it's def something id look for if i were getting married in the winter/spring time
  • I'm getting married on March 1st next year.

    The weather is a worry especially as we have booked a beach venue so the whole idea of that is to have beach photos. However as it's St David's Day (I'm Welsh) we are buying Daffodil umbrellas and Wellingtons so if it does rain then we have props that will give us some interesting photo's!
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    Yay I'm 1st March too!
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    Well I hope for everyone's sake the weather is like this next year!
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    I said that to H2B earlier this weekend - wouldn't it be lovely if we all had sunny spring weddings image
  • Fingers crossed!!
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