Nervous about dress shopping

Dress shopping for the first time this week and I'm nervous! I really hate the idea of a pushing sales woman, would much rather be left to it! Im gonna go and get a strapless bra to wear but what else should I think about


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    Hi, I was too but it was really fun! & I got my dress from the second shop, was a much better experience there as well. Hmm a nice pair of pants! Enjoy it xx image
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    I felt exactly the same! I was actually shaking when I got in the shop but by the time I had tried on a few dresses I soon got the hang of it and loved it! My dress was the 7th one I tried on and in the very first shop! Wasn't planning on getting one that day at all but fell in love with it! I'm an Ellis bride 1125! Definitely wise to get a bra and also a pair of Bridget jones knickers as you spend alot of time half naked with someone you have never met before lol! Oh and if it's the right one, you may need some tissues! Good luck and enjoy it! It will only happen once! With regards to pushy sales people if that happens your in the wrong shop! I had a lovely experience and could not recommend my bridal shop highly enough! It's important you are made to feel relaxed! Hope that helps!
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    Don't feel you can't leave if you don't like the sales person. There are always other places with lovely people who work there. I was a bit nervous about being stood in my underwear, but soon realised that they see it everyday! Enjoy it. I got my dress on my first trip and sometimes wish I'd dragged it out and been to more places.
  • If they're pushy, don't buy from them! I had one experience like that - she told me not to worry because I wasn't 'that fat' (I'm a size 12 and perfectly happy!) and then tried to convince me that a particular monstrosity she made me try on was the way to go. I wouldn't have bought from her even if I did find something I liked!

    But the next shop I went to was AMAZING! The sales assistant made me feel beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and the icing on the cake was that I found the One! She then let me wear it for about 25 minutes before I had to take it off (and order it!).
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    I found that the small shops are better for the personal experience than big chains. I went into a den kerr and hated it. The shop my dress is from is a small shop ran by a few old women. They are really nice, have agreed to let me have it even though we paid the deposit (and cancelled) originally 4 years ago and are quite happy for me to go in when I like to try it again!
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    Hi Donna, have you been dress shopping yet? Let us know how you get on!

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    i hate shopping and don't own any non black underwear so i was terrified (even had a cry before our first appointment) but i found some really good shops. I needed a bit of a pushy person to get me to even try stuff on and luckily we had that in the first shop, the last place we tried just left me to it and i felt completely lost.

    there is a thread somewhere in the fashion bit (i imagine) which a pretty good list of good and bad places throughout the country so check that out to see if anywhere near you is listed for a non pushy place

    just enjoy it, be open minded and try on as much as you can

    let us know how you get on image
  • Yeah went today and found a lovely one! Gonna have a look in some more shops to see if I can find my perfect one! Lady in shop was lovely! Not pushy at all! Nice trick of giving me £50 off accessories if I order in a month though, which is making me stress, but I'd rather look elsewhere to see what else is that there and risk losing £50
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    Yeah you are totally right. Don't buy that one just because you are worried about missing out on the accessories offer. They may not even have any accessories that you like there.Definitely try on a few more!

    What was the dress like?
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