Am I right in assuming there is no point in getting wedding insurance once we've started booking things as it won't be covered?


  • Boo81ukBoo81uk Posts: 254
    Yep it seems most insurance policies won't cover what you've already booked. But its worth checking it out with them, especially if you've only put a deposit down and not paid the full whack.

    I keep meaning to sort out insurance. It just seems to be something on the end of my very long list at the moment!
  • I have just purchsed E%L wedding insurance with a 35% discount through Wedding Ideas magazine. They cover purchased you have already made and any deposits that have already gone down as long as they are not over £1000 each. Worth a look!! x
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    Oo thanks, what is the promo code?
  • From memory I think John Lewis cover deposits aswell but definitely get this anyway - it's the very first thing we did as it would be awful if something went wrong, and chances of that happening are obviously higher in the current climate!
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    E&L don't cover existing deposits, it's in the exclusions. Just had a look.
  • Yep theres some posts on the getting started about eastington hall and a couple have lost everything and E&L wont pay out because they paid then got insurance even though they were asked by them to have secured the venue and date before buying
  • Oh I dont know then you will have to check but the insurance package I purchased will cover venue deposits that do not exceed £1000 x
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