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2nd March 2013

One year to go today until the big day!

Any other 2nd March 2013 brides out there? How far along are you with your plans? So far we have our venue, photographer and my dress and really not sure what to start on next!



  • solo2007solo2007 Posts: 58
    me 2 365 days!!!! im pretty much the same venue, photographer,dress,cake(mil) making,table decs, ballons just need 2 ring and order, favoru bags guesboook just little things get them off ebay soooooo mcuh cheaper oh and got my invites aswell.

    family is doing my head in evry1 sayin im rushing no im not im organised and prepared!!!
  • solo2007solo2007 Posts: 58
    i have got the following done-

    venue(having everything there, ceremony, food, chair covers etc all sorted)

    legal bit

    my dress hoop and garter

    favour bags

    jars for buffet

    table decs



    guest book

    ballons for table

    i need to get get-





    3bm dresses and flowergirl

    grooms suits

    bm suits

    dad's suits

    bride bm buttonholes and top table flowers

    thaNK u gifts

    mints for favours

    sweets for candy bar

    scoops and tongs for bar

    candy trees

    double ringbox

    honeymoon arrangemnts

    hen and stag

    mens shoes

    tissue holders for ceremony

    mr and mrs bunting

    flowergirl basket
  • Cupcake82Cupcake82 Posts: 11
    Ahhh, big day buddy! You are so much more organised than me, i'm impressed! Just about to sort out the legal/registrar docs - I am lucky, like you all my food, decor etc is covered in my wedding package so I feel like i'm not actually sure what else I need to do right now! Photographer is booked - we fell in love with him (his pictures!) right away.

    Dress is bought! Everyone thought I was mad buying my dress so soon but I loved it and it and felt amazing in it so had to have it! Can't say I haven't had a few wobbles since I paid the deposit mind you, but I going to go and try it on again and take pictures to remind myself how great it is!

    It's lovely to have someone to count down the next 365 days with! image
  • solo2007solo2007 Posts: 58
    awww ur gtting there ye i know wot u mena thing is im having wobbles with my dress now, its a nice dress but now iv got it a i dont know it was 950 down to 200 its ex sample but not one mark on it its a dzage d31022 wot hav u got?
  • solo2007solo2007 Posts: 58
    im a size 12-14 btu am hoping to get to a 10 at least
  • Cupcake82Cupcake82 Posts: 11
    Your dress is stunning, absolutely beautiful and what a bargain!

    Mine is the Mori Lee 2105 - the shop were having a 10% off sale when I went to try it on for the second time so I kind of rush bought it after only thinking about it over a coffee with my mum! It was the second time I had tried it on mind you, so I'm pretty certain its the one for me but doesn't stop me having doubts now. I've been told to go and speak to the shop if I'm having worries though, they won't have ordered it in yet so they may consider moving my deposit to another dress if necessary. I think I really need to try it on again, one more time, and that will help me be absolutely sure.
  • Cupcake82Cupcake82 Posts: 11
    I think my problem is that the stock picture for my dress is horrible so everytime I look at it I freak out! It's sooo much prettier in reality though and looks totally different on.
  • solo2007solo2007 Posts: 58
    ye u should try it on again i only tried 5 dresses on b4 this and cuz it was cheaper was mega bonus as so much more 2 do and buget is only 5grand for evrything, it is lovely, i have mine sitting in front of me i keep tryin it on more and more as it sample they coudlnt keep it at shop got go bac december for alterations , wen it ried it on it was ncie but weret wow!! i think it just needs some shape to it i ahve a hoop but i dont think it does it right it goes a funny angle my bm is dressmaker si shes gunna try and mke a smaller hoop for me thing is with it ruched affect and fitted to below bum u cnt have anythign 2 big otherwise that material just dont stretch over it
  • solo2007solo2007 Posts: 58
    my pics dont rly show it great but its got straps with all diamonts flowers on and ltos of detail then quite a big train#
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    SoonToBeMrsKent we have the same dress!
  • Cupcake82Cupcake82 Posts: 11
    Yay, a dress buddy! Did you know it was 'the one' straight away? I do love mine...really I do, I just need to see it one more time and take some pictures so I have a real image to keep, rather than the (nothing like the real thing) Mori Lee stock picture!image
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    Yeah I tried a few on and fell in love with it straight away. Been back an had it on again since, still love it. We were allowed to take a photo of me in it but I agree the online photo doesn't do it any justice
  • Aw its nice to see other people share my big day!! I have booked a venue, got my dress, bridesmaid dresss, photographer, favours and thats about it! Im currently negotiating chair covers but I too dont know what to do next! Dont know how much to do now and how much to do nearer time! xx
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