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Hen do!

I know I probably sound crazy planning everything so soon but what the hell!

What are you planning to do for your hen night?

I am having 2, a meal for my mum, mil and anyone else who wants to come. The second will be a drunken, roudy night around town for my younger friends and SIL's.

Do you think having the 2 night's next to each other is expecting too much for some people, should I spread them a month apart incase anyone wants to do both but can't afford to?


  • 123rfraser123rfraser Posts: 48
    Hey image

    I dont think ur planning to far in advance 'as for the hen do 'i cant say much about myns as i have no idea what my bms have planned for me 'all a surprise eek!!. I no what i would like 'a girly day with massages & facials then a meal then cocktails & madness in town image. I would defo think about spreading the 2 nights abit 'you will probs get more of a turn out to both as people will have more cash, time to sort childcare if needed & just planning around image.

    x Becka x
  • xriax1xriax1 Posts: 282
    As above I don't think you are too far in advance image.

    I am also having 2 a weekend in Brighton with my BM's and close friends about 6 weeks before the wedding and then a dinner in my local town with My mum & MIL, aunties, cousins and anyone who wants to come about 2 weeks before the wedding. I think spreading them out helps with funds etc! image
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    I don't think you're too far in advance either! My MoH is sorting mine but we're planning on having cream teas one afternoon for the elderly family - grandparents, mums and aunties. Then cocktail making classes and a meal somewhere for the younger people image
  • soontobeamrssoontobeamrs Posts: 293 New bride
    Definitely not too far in advance - my MOH already has the planning for mine underway ~(not that I know what's happening! I agree with the spreading two dates out a bit - gives people the best chance of being able to attend both.
  • Im doing a Its a Knockout day then getting a hotel going for a meal then out on the town image and going with my mumand the older ones for a meal im gonna do them 2 weeks apart
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