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1st March 2013

Any date buddies ?


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    Me to image
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    im the day after on the 2nd though the 1st will be our 6 year anniversary of being together wanted to tie it in around the date! cant wait got lots still to do though, just received passport this morning so can now go and start on legal process
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    I've done practically everything already lol!
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    8 months to go now girls!
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    Time is flying by now! This year has gone so fast, it's crazy.
  • I know, I've got loads done but I'm still struggling with flowers and centrepieces!

    Everything else booked
  • Hi girls

    Well just over 6 months now!! Eek!! How is everyone getting on with the planning image. I have booked pretty much everything 'Going BM dress shopping next month. I am starting to panic a little about how excited and worried il be on the day 'i get really nervous with things like this when all eyes are on you! ... Sure itl be all fine image


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    hey 123- i know i cannot belive it ! we are pretty much sorted! we got our honeymoon booked last week and ordered the rings!, ive got one last bm and flower girl dress to sort out, i need to go the wholesaler in october to pick out flowers, book the tabepieces, i need to change my passport in december cuz silly me booked the honeymoon in my new name and didnt think about having to change passport over!, umm what else got my hair trial next month, and the rest of things are just little things now,  like table plan favours candy bar  sweets etc, we also have sent out our invites but only had 1 back yet! image

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    I've done practically everything already lol!

  • Hi MrsT

    OMG! i didnt even think about my passport name!! il have to get that sorted to 'thanks for that image. OOh iv got my hair trial to next mnth to 'on 7th. We still have to order our rings and book honeymoon 'i think that's it. Waw! ur organised with your invites! I'm still making mines lol 'Hoping to send them out in Oct. Cant wait to get my dress altered 'at the moment its a good 6injches to long for me so hard to see how it feels properly 'Its the same dress as i tried on in the shop but want to walk about my house with it on hehe.


    Feels good having it all sorted image This wedding stuff is easy peezy lol.


  • Hi im 2nd March, got most things sorted. Struggling with band/DJ tho, dont know which to have. What are you guys having? Where did you find them? Thank you

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    hey i know i didnt hink much about passports untill i saw all the legal stuff!!!!!!! its 72 pound to get it changed ur virtually apllying for a new one thing is ive got 6 years left on mine but i will loose it all how annoying! and only get 9 months of it back!!!, del bride2b- were having a dj but ours just comes with our venue x

  • 10 weeks on Friday!! Eeeek!! image getting really excited all starting to feel very real. Hows everyones planning coming on?.


  • So how are we all feeling? 10 days to go image
  • Hi Welshbride 'cant beleive we have 10 days to go!! image. Very excited 'not nervous yet 'will proberly hit me next week. Just made a final list of to do's for next 10 days 'i think it looks alot worse than it is. How about you?

  • I know - I can't believe we are 9 days away, I have a list but it's mostly just picking things up now, I had a crisis with bridesmaid dresses but that's sorted now and it was my biggest headache! Where are you getting married?
  • wow only 8 days to go for you all hope you have a wonderful day and any tips you would like to share for the last week would be fab image

  • Don't plan too much for the final weeks! I've been laid up ill with a chest infection for a week now so thank god I was over prepared!

    Book yourself in for one day of just yourself, not wedding pampering pampering! My mum insisted on this and is taking me for a spa day of massage etc on Monday and its the one thing ( apart from the wedding ha ha ) that I'm so looking forward to next week!

    For some reason ....even though all your friends and family are coming to the wedding they are all going to want to call or see you in the final week ' we must catch up before the wedding' make sure you have the time for this.

    Above all ....relax, chill out there's nothing you can do now, if its not done - lose it! It's not worth it if you turn up on the wedding day exhausted!

    Be prepared for the mood swings - you'll be elated but cry a lot! ( or maybe just me )

    Above all .....enjoy! Next week it'll all be over!
  • Oh the mood swings are in full force for me and I still have just under 3 weeks to go lol. Im so happy and excited but when ever i see a dont tell the bride episode or do my on the day stationary i seem to bloody cry, my kids look worried all the time as if to say shes gonna start blubbing again lol. I have a nice pamper session coming up just for me and I cant wait image
  • My h2b is rewarding me with chocolate if I don't cry!
  • I'm on Saturday the 2nd, h2b is in Edinburgh on his stag at the moment so I've spent the weekend fiddling with a few little things (96% of stuff is done). Mum and sister arriving Wednesday so need to do some serious tidying up! I've had two sets of nights and a stinking cold in the last 3 weeks so housework has gone out of the window!

    I a weird way I just want it over with now- I'm really happy but a return to normality would be nice too!
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