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Easter Sunday 2013!!

Hello, I'm new on here and this is my first post

Just wondering if anyone else is getting married on the same day and if anyone has any ideas for an Easter wedding?! My colour scheme is Cadbury Purple (always wanted this, so when the date was offered at my venue - i thought it fitted quite well).

Any thoughts would be great

Thanks imageimage


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    Hello Sonya

    I'm not a March Bride but I am getting married on 1st April 2013- Easter Monday! And April Fool's Day! image

    I think purple's a great Easter/ Spring colour- I had quite a hard time deciding whether to go for purple or green but opted for green in the end. It's my fave colour!

    We're going to keep flowers and food seasonal and although we've decided not to have an 'Easter' theme (we're going for country vintage), we are giving our guests egg cups (with their + our names on & wedding date) filled with a chocolate egg as place markers/ favours!

    Have a look at these for ideas:

  • Sonya102Sonya102 Posts: 52
    Love your idea for favours....(I might even pinch it!)

    Thank you for the links, looks like you've been much busier than me!!

    The main things that I've done are:-

    - booked venue

    - booked photographer

    - booked civil ceremony

    - sent save the dates

    - bought my dress imageops:

    Does that sound about right? We've only got 10ish months left?! Surely that's plenty of time image
  • xriax1xriax1 Posts: 282
    Hello and welcome! image

    We are getting married the 29th good friday image

    We havn't finalised favours but were maybe going to give little chocolate eggs and something. We have orange for our colour as its nice and bright for spring and my H2B is half Dutch and its thier national colour. image

    I have done, venue, registrar, dress, photographer, band and just booked the florist this week due it being quite a popular weekend! image
  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580

    we're the 5th April so the Friday after, couldn't get the Easter weekend at our venue. our colours are champagne/light gold and green
  • SakuraBlueSakuraBlue Posts: 2
    Hi all, I'm an Easter Sunday bride too. Have done dress, shoes, photographer, venue, invitations, registrar, and am almost there with BM dresses, music and rings. We are going for a pale green and ivory colour theme. Maybe with hints of yellow like daffodils on the tables!

    I have a question, when are you sending out your invitations? Save the dates won't really work for us because we have so much information to include with the invitation that we may as just send out the invitation. It's Easter and we don't want people to book their holidays or anything but on the other hand we don't want to send out the invitations too early in case people file it and forget about it! A little worried the venue(hotel) might get booked up too as there's an Easter Saturday wedding happening there. Arghhhh....
  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580
    we've sent out save the dates as our's is the Friday after easter and it's the Easter school holidays... you don't need to put any other information on save the dates we sent ours out in April and will send the invites with all the info on sometime October to December ish
  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    Hi SakuraBlue

    We had exactly the same concerns as you. We have sent out save the dates (approx. 1 month ago) and we also included details re. accommodation. All the information fit on to a little square card (same size as the save the date) and we just printed it off ourselves. Other details/ info. like maps, menu choices etc etc will be included with the invitations obviously.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to come across as a bit keen, but I did think it was important to a) give guests plenty of notice so they don't book a holiday + can book time off work if necessary and b) ensure guests don't leave booking accommodation until the last min and then run in to problems.

    Our hotel have reserved all of the rooms for us on the night of our wedding (that only = 22 as it's quite small!) and we've asked them to reserve some for the night before as well, which they were quite happy to do. Could you do the same? If you look through your guest list you can probably work out how many guests will want to stay the night before (that's what we did) and ask the hotel to reserve that number of rooms for you? In our case it was just 12.

    We also listed contact details of 5 or 6 other local hotels too, and wrote something along the lines of 'April 1st is Easter Monday and a bank holiday, so you may wish to book early'.

    I hope that helps!

    J x

  • Sonya102Sonya102 Posts: 52
    Eek, I'm a little concerned now because I had sent out save the dates in April and hadn't included any information on there re accommodation image I'm thinking I'll send the invites in November, so the invites don't get lost with Xmas cards!!

    I'm loving everyone's colour schemes, they sound great! Im having a little trouble in finding Cadbury purple flowers, although if I get my bum down to the florist I'm sure they will help me!

    Didn't know what to do for table decs, I was thinking of trying to make sweetie trees but the first one I made took ages and it didn't look like the ones in the pictures!! image what's everyone else's ideas?
  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    Hi Sonya

    How about Lisanthus?

    Here's a pic:

    and Lisanthus in a bouquet:

    Or anemones:

    Or how about tulips which are seasonal too:

    J x
  • 20Mel1320Mel13 Posts: 110
    Hi I'm the day before you (30th March 2013) and I'm also having purple!!! I'm having dark purple bridesmaid dresses so thinking of having lighter flowers. I'm considering lilac roses so they stand out against their dresses with some dark purple lisianthus (someone posted photo earlier) mixed in.

    Are you having any children at your wedding? We're having about 8 so planning on having a small easter egg hunt outside for them after the wedding breakfast.
  • Sonya102Sonya102 Posts: 52
    Thanks JodilouW. Those are beautiful flowers. ????????I need to get my bottom down to the florists!!
  • Sonya102Sonya102 Posts: 52
    20mel13, yes we're having children at our wedding. My Son is our pageboy and we have our nieces as bridesmaids. Then friends and family also have children. How are you organising the egg hunt then?

    Purple seems to be one if the "in" colours at the minute!! While I was waiting for OH to propose (10yrs!!), I've obviously been daydreaming about things and always liked the colour, never imagined it would be that popular! image
  • 20Mel1320Mel13 Posts: 110
    20mel13, yes we're having children at our wedding. My Son is our pageboy and we have our nieces as bridesmaids. Then friends and family also have children. How are you organising the egg hunt then? Purple seems to be one if the "in" colours at the minute!! While I was waiting for OH to propose (10yrs!!), I've obviously been daydreaming about things and always liked the colour, never imagined it would be that popular!

    Good questions, the answer is I'm not really sure yet but I know I'll be keeping it simple. I work in a school and will be inviting the reception teacher who is VERY creative so I'm kind of hoping that she might have some ideas. Off the top off my head this is what I've come up with.

    Choose about 5 different hiding places and put the right amount of eggs/easter sweets in each place so that every child would get one. Put a small easter basket and clue sheet on each child's chair (put time so that they know to wait till after the wedding breakfast). It would depend on your venue to what your clues would be but I'm thinking of having it in the garden with simple clues (all children are young), such as:

    1. I'm red and smell nice (hide near red flowers)

    2. If your feeling tired you can sit on me (hide eggs in seating area)

    3. I'll help you to see in the dark (hide eggs around the solar lights that edge the grass)

    4. This is where the fish like to hang out (pond- it's fenced and has netting over so they cant fall in!)

    5. photo of a significant feature in the garden for them to find (the gate has a fancy pattern so think I might use this.

    I'd also like a chalk board like the one below, I'd include the time as well (5.30pm)

  • Oooh, I am, I am!

    Im an Easter Sunday bride too! image

    Im a little bit of a freak with organisation though so I have tons of stuff already booked.

    Colours - Pistachio green with flashes of Olive

    Venue - booked Rogerthorpe Manor, West Yorks

    Bridesmaids - Fiona by Romantica in Pistachio

    Invites - doing self sending out in September (venue final numbers need to be given mid February, so september with an RSVP by end December gives enough time to rake in the stragglers without too much stress)

    Cake - Im a cake maker - simples!

    Chair covers - booked

    Photographer - C&H booked

    Mens suits - umm... Im not allowed...

    Hair & beauty - SIL is a stage & screen make up artist and her BFF is a hair guru! (£150 for me & 5 BMs!) sweeeeet! image

    Hen Party - Not allowed to know anything other than its in September image

    Bling - Stepmum is a Jewellery maker and is crafting hair vines and side tiaras and lots of other lovely stuff

    Flowers - doing myself - big fluffy balls of gypsophila!

    Centrepieces & Decorations - Bought old fashioned milk churn vases, lanterns and lots of other cool stuff

    THE DRESS - we wont go there atm, having wobbles. imageops:
  • nestypienestypie Posts: 651
    im a march 28th bride, so day before good friday.

    We are also going for purple!

    Have dark purple bridesmaids dresses so we decided to go for lilac waist coats and cravats for the men and so its not all to dark. I think im gonna go for lilac and dark purple with cream for the bouquet, especially loving this one at the mo....

    We are going to hopefully have an easter theme to our sweetie table, like mini eggs and creme eggs and pastel coloured sweets, yummy! image
  • Sonya102Sonya102 Posts: 52
    Wow soooo organised. I'm waiting for a quote from the flower lady. DJ and venue decoration my h2b said to forward him the emails so he can try and haggle the price!!! Hmmm.

    Oooo and I need to book the cake too! So much stuff to remember! image
  • I know what you mean! It makes you appreciate all the effort which goes into a wedding! Its not just book a room, buy a dress and buy some flowers is it? (thats what my h2b thought anyway)

    Theres all the family politics to deal with too!
  • BecciC2BBecciC2B Posts: 45 getting married on good Friday 29th! Have also chosen cadbury purple-just seemed fitting with it being Easter! Have booked venue and already bought my dress-couldn't help feeling a little overwhelmed with so much to do and not much time now! X
  • AllyM2BAllyM2B Posts: 5

    Im getting married on Easter saturday (30th March). I have also chosen purple although not quite decided on the shade as my dad & page boy are wearing kilts (h2b not decided yet) so I want to try to match the tartan to the bridesmaids but my dad doesn't want a purple kilt!! Going shopping with the bridesmaids in September to choose the dresses. I have booked my venue, photographer, band and piper. I have chosen my dress I think and will buy it early September. We made a website with the venue details, accommodation and travel recommendations and put the address on our Save the Date magnets that we sent in April. A lot of people are traveling up to Scotland for the wedding so the website has been useful and since it is Easter many people are staying for the long weekend or longer so hopefully we can meet up with the guests the night before and the day after too. I was also thinking of doing something with Easter eggs as favours. We are making up gift bags for the kids and I was thinking of doing an Eatser egg hunt between the service and the reception to keep them occupied.

    It is great to hear all of your ideas and plans! x

  • mrsmagoo2bmrsmagoo2b Posts: 113

    I'm getting married on Easter Saturday, 30th March as well!!  I'm having bright pink though as its my fav colour.

    We're planning on sending out our invitations at the end of September as we'll have guests from Ireland and Italy so want to give them as much notice as possible and didn't want the invitations to get lost in the xmas post!

    Good luck everyone... must dash, just got my quote for our honeymoon in Mauritius yay!! x

  • While trying to decide on weding favors last night, I discovered I am a Easter Sunday bride!!! I had no idea!! I picked my date back in April and googled the date to make sure nothing important was happening that day and Easter did not come up!  

    I have booked my photographer, officiant, venue, and bought our wedding bands.  Last night I emailed everyone asking if everything would still be as planned since the wedding is on Easter (still no responses).  At this point my main concern is a conflict with my vendorsimage  I emailed a florist I was suppose to meet to today and she said she would not be open that day so would not be able to do my flowers.  So ever since last night I've been in a panic!  I'm worried I won't be about to book a baker or florist I want because its a holiday.  Any advice? 

    My wedding is going to be very small (less than 25 people) and I have not picked my colors yet.  Any suggestions or ideas?  

    The wedding favors I was thinking about doing is:

    and the reason I discovered my wedding is on Easter was because I was thinking I should put out a bowl of chocolate eggs to complement this favorimage 

  • nestypienestypie Posts: 651
    I think everything will b fine, I'm sure the people u have booked know it's Easter as they would have put it in a planner or diary. Xx
  • 20Mel1320Mel13 Posts: 110

    franstef- I would definately check with the registrar as I know the one that we are using stated that they do not do weddings on Easter Sunday. I hope that is not the case for you though, fingers crossed eveything will be ok.

    Think I have finally decided on my easter themed favours:


     Like this but with foil wrapped eggs in silver and purple or possibly mini cream eggs.

  • I am an Easter Sunday bride too!having a shabby chic barn wedding with few Easter twists!the main thing I am stressing about is the weight loss I have mucked around Yoyoing and now it is less than 7 months so I am now nil by mouth!!!i am getting so excited now changed the colour scheme to pink cream blue pastel colours cath kidston style

    My invites have gone out as my family have to come so far for the day so hopibg to have the RSVP back ASAP so I can get the Easter eggcup favours that are personalised ordered as well as day stationery.

    Is anyone having sleepless nights about little details?i am and it's driving me crazy!

    Diet starts tomorrow I will not be a fat bride I will not!

    Anyone want to diet buddy with me?xxx
  • Yes! I lost 13 lb and then stupidly gave up! Need to lose 5 lb now by January when I'm alterations start, I need a good kick up the backside!

    Oohh I can't wait to send invites, have you had any rsvps yet?! image
  • I wish I only had 5lb to lose I have 2 stone!  I lost 2 then put some back on, so much weight to lose in such a short amount of time but I am going to be really good now had a wake up call when I saw a picture this weekend! 

    I have a couple of RSVP's back but I want more to come back now!  Hurry up!x

  • I have 3 stones to lose eek!!  Lost 2 1/2 stones then yo yo'd for a while and here i am. Saying that, Up until a couple of weeks ago i had nearly 4 stones to lose so i'm going in the right direction.

    If your a lover of shakes, try The New You one's their lush - good luck xx


  • Mrs Hawksbee2b!--I'll be your diet buddy!! I've been dieting for the last 6 months and have made great progress considering I have not hit the gymimage  I started calorie counting in the beginning of the year and have since stopped counting but carefully watching what I eat and have lost almost 20 lbs.  So there's no doubt in my mind that you can lose the weight you want by Easter!  

  • Right ladies I will do a weekly weigh in post we will be thin brides!Monday weigh in sound good?xxx

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