Aaaargggghhhh :-(

I bought my dress back in April and it's at home under the spare bed (in a dress bag). My h2b has just gone out, so thought I'd have a sneaky try on with my new shoes I've just bought...... I was a bit hasty getting it on and trying to do it up (cag handed) and I've broke my zip image

I can't try it on again now until I have my fitting in January. I'm sure they'll be able to put another one in before they try and adjust it to fit

I'm so angry with myself. image

Why oh why


  • MrsT2013MrsT2013 Posts: 536
    dont worri mine happened like that aswell im also a 2013 march bride,but my store just said they can restitch my button back on, it depends how bad uve broke it, could u or ur mum etc have a go 1st
  • Sonya102Sonya102 Posts: 52
    It the actual zip. It's come out of the teeth. I'll have to ring the shop tomorrow. I'm such a silly cow!
  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    Not to make light of the situation(I'd be mighty upset & angry too) but it could have been worse........I'm so clumsy I probably would have tripped and ripped the thing! My biggest fear is walking down the steps from my house to the wedding car on the big day and falling flat on my face! image

    Seriously though, I think replacing/ fixing a zip is fairly straightforward. You poor thing!
  • Sonya102Sonya102 Posts: 52
    To be honest, it probably is a good thing that it is just that! I was thinking when I was getting out my dress, stepping over it with my heels, it would've devastating if it ripped! image
  • nestypienestypie Posts: 651
    Uh oh, u poor thing, I bet ur kicking yourself now! I'm really worried about ripping my dress as its tulle skirt and I've got a zip too, hope u get it sorted easy xximageimage
  • amyztxamyztx Posts: 15
    I brought my dress as an ex sample from ebay and tried it on with my mum the other day and we realised the underskirt has ripped - i'm not sure whether I did it or whether it was already like it. I'm sure a seamstress will be able to fix it but it has made me worry about tripping over the dress on the day and now i'm considering buying a short one instead and re selling mine
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    I wouldn't sell your dress and buy a short one just incase you trip! These things happen, as long as it's the right length though and you're wearing shoes you can walk in it should be ok.
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