Keep having wobblies about my dress

I need to lose about a stone an a half which I'm 9lb on the way (Dukan diet) but I keep having wobblies about my dress. I'm highly critical of myself, which doesn't help.

What are your thoughts? (honestly) oh and by the way it needs to be taken up as I'm a short arse! and it's too high on the boobs!


  • Jog_OnJog_On Posts: 90
    Lovely dress! The back detail is beautiful and will look gorgeous when all the alterations are done. Only thing I would suggest is maybe wear a hoop under the dress to give the skirt a bit more shape?
  • soontobeamrssoontobeamrs Posts: 293 New bride
    I agree with Jog_On. I wasn't convinced about the hoop thing but then my Mum talked me into it, and it made all the difference! It also made my dress far easier to walk in!
  • his-smudgehis-smudge Posts: 282
    beautiful! xx
  • Mrs RobertsMrs Roberts Posts: 435
    You look stunning - your dress gives you a lovely shape. Agreed about the hoop - you should definitely try one out image xxx
  • Sonya102Sonya102 Posts: 52
    Thanks girlies, I've contacted my bridal shop to see what one looks like on image
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    It looks gorgeous! I think you are worrying over nothing.
  • I think it looks stunning and once the lengths are sorted, it would look a billion times better... as for the hoop? I strongly agree. It makes moving about easier.

    However... If you feel uncomfortable, then no matter what anyone says you will still feel it... So only keep loosing if its what will make you comfortable.

    Personally, I don't think you need to, I think you look gorgeous. x
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