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Flower girl gifts

I wanted to buy something nice and sparkly for the girls, I love the charm bracelets but proper ones are so expensive. I ordered 1 of these off Amazon and ended up ordering another 3.

They are really pretty and look good quality, also I contacted them and they were more than happy to send out different length chains for younger kids.

I could do with a little book on being a flower girl/bridesmaid for them all now. Any recommendations?


  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398

    Thanks, I'll have a look. There are quite a few online but it's hard to choose when you can't see inside them.

    What is everyone buying the rest of the wedding party?

  • We gave this book to our 3 year old flower girl. It was perfect - it has pop up's in the pages, things to pull to make bits move, a little bracelet and stick on earrings - she loved it, definitely got her excited!


  • Im off to the build a bear workshop to get my little maids a personised bear in a tu tu or similar... You can name them and they come with a birth certificate and everything!  (Im secretly jealous and want one for myself image

    Plus they have a 50% off on the website atm, happy days!

    Oh and the rest of the party?  My grown up bridesmaids - Im scouring ebay and antique fairs for vintage diamante necklaces.  Ive picked up 2 absolutely stuning 40's  ones off ebay for about a fiver each!  just need to acquire 3 more!

    The boys? as of yet, I have no idea... and the mums I think Ill get them a bouquet or bottle of champers each.  Nothing too flashy, but something to say ta muchly x

  • These are a really nice gift idea for little bridesmaids.  They look really cute when theey carry them down the isle personalised with their own name on!!!  Bless.


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