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Food! :)

Hello, hope u r all getting on nicely with planning! How quickly is march coming now! Crazy image I was just wondering what everyone is serving for their meal or buffet? So far we have decided on....spicy chicken and pancetta salad, sirloin of beef with potatoes and veg and New York style cheesecake, and then champagne sorbet and roasted veg tart for the vegetarians with the same cheesecake. Making myself hungry now! Haha x


  • xriax1xriax1 Posts: 282

    I know, less than 6 months and christmas inbetween, ahhhh! We haven't made final decisions but we want to go with bangers and mash for the main image simple and easy and most people like it. We are thinking of lemon posset for pub as then we have coffee and chocolates to finish so want a nice light refreshing pud. Starter we are not sure, maybe goats cheese, duck salad or beetroot tart! Now where is my dinner lol. image

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    Ooh sounds yummy! I know, time is flying past now, I just counted that its 24 weeks away! Haha & yeh with Xmas and new year fast approaching I'm sure wedding stuff will take a back seat.

    Are you having an evening buffet too? X
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    We aren't having evening food, we have been to so many weddings where evening food is wasted my MOH says in hindsight she wouldn't have had an evening buffet and at nealry £20 for even bacon rolls at our venue it wasn't happening. We won't finish our breakfast until 6.30/7pm and its 4 courses so why at 8pm would we want more food. On our evening invites we have just said on them to come fed.

    We are having a Krispy Kreme donut tower for a wedding cake and just serving them in the evening so people have something. image

    What are you doing for the evening?  (I am jelous of you NY cheescake by the way, my fav! image ) x

  • nestypienestypie Posts: 651
    Well we are having a slight New York theme - like table names & favors so thought New York style cheesecake would be great! I love it!

    Yeh we have a buffet in the package price, we get to choose 6 items, like sandwiches, bread rolls, chicken etc etc. I hope people eat it as we had no choice. Wish we could have something like fish and chips tho, I'm sure people would rather eat that then a sandwich! Oh well.

    What date is your wedding? X
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    New York theme sounds great, we don't really have a theme as such, just a miss mash of things we like lol, maybe a bit random but reflects us! image

    At least the buffet is within the price, I think if we had something like that we may have gone for it but as it was separate and added around £2000 on top, we weren't prepared to go for it. Im sure people will eat it and sandwiches are easier for people to nibble on!

    Our wedding is 29th March, good friday image How about yours? How much have you done/got left to do? X

  • March is coming so quickly now - I can't wait!

    Food was a major thing for me when we chose our menu as I am a huge foodie and love both cooking and eating, so we've gone for fine dining for the wedding breakfast (butternut squash veloute; chicken with various accompaniments for main and a trio of chocolate desserts) and then good old bacon sarnies and chips for the evening (to be served about 10pm). We're also having a cake table so there should be plenty to eat! image


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    wooo! time is flying! we are having soup, roasty and then salmon for the veggies, sticky toffee pud and bacon rolls and chips for the evening! x

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    Salmon for the veggies? do your veggie freinds eat fish? Most don't xxx

  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    also if you have veggie guests are you providing a veggie sarnie for the late buffet too? just something to think about image Your venue might do veggie sausages or cheese instead! xx

  • oolalaoolala Posts: 94
    We don't have any veggies coming, I thought it was just vegans that don't eat fish? Anyway my da would rather salmon than a roast hence we chose that option. Veggie option for the eve is either veg burgers or veg lasagne x
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    oh ok, you said salmon for the veggies so just thought i'd ask, didn't want any of your guests to be upset image Nope, real veggies don't eat fish, I'm one, my whole family are, vegetarians don't eat anything which has a face image xx

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    Ooo thanks ill have to remember that. Perhaps I'll change it to the ravioli! Just in case xx
  • nestypienestypie Posts: 651
    Ooh yeh I'm a veggie & I've never eaten fish.

    Ours is the 28th so say before Good Friday. Starting to feel quite nervous now & I'm really anxious about people not coming! Silly, I know but I just wish people would send their RSVP back now!

    Any one having a meal tasting? I wish we could but it costs ??60 which I don't really think we should pay! X
  • Tell me about it - we still have about 30 that haven't replied! :-S

    nestypie - did you not get offered a tasting as part of your deal? We did with ours which I'm glad about from the eating perspective but also because we get to meet the chef and we have some eaters with complicated requirements coming to the wedding!

    Almost 5 months to go though - exciting!

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    Nope not part of the package, its ??60 for a choice of two starters, mains and desserts, & as I'm a veggie we didn't see the point of wasting the money bcos its not like we are actually 'tasting' it, would just be a 3 course meal each! I know people who have eaten at our venue before and they said the food was amazing so I'm not worried, would have just been nice to try it before the day.

    We sent our invites out at beginning of September & have had 9 couples RSVP so far. That's out of 45 day invites sent & about 10 evening, pretty rubbish I'd say!! I just want to know now! I'm getting impatient! Haha x
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    I wish people would RSVP too lol, we are waiting on about 30 people, haven't sent the evening ones out yet though. We got a tasting as part of our package which was nice - had it back in May but gave us a good idea of things in regard to food but also things like how many to sit to a table etc. image


    Can't believe how quickly it is coming around!

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    We are basically offering soup or melon starter with a sunday roast type main of chicken or lamb, followed by chocolate orange cheesecake or apple crumble.

    I have 1 vegetarian guest who isnt keen on the vegi menu because it's all abit too fancy so not sure what to do. Might see if theyll make her something different.

  • We're having afternoon tea and hopefully going for a tasting this month as we're adding a few extras to it. We're then having bacon and sausage butties with chip cones for a snack in the evening. We have 4 months to go and realising how much we still have to do!
  • We're having a fish and chip van come to the venue at 10pm to do late night food - should be fun (may be one of the things I'm most excited about!) x

  • I have no idea what we are having yet, we have a taster session couple months before wedding. Just know its sit down meal and then buffet on night.
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