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everyone nearly ready

So we have only a few weeks left, what have people got left to do?


  • - Best man to have suit fitting on Monday

    - Finish printing off signs/table plan/schedule of the day

    - Stamp place/name cards onto doilies (doilies have NOT arrived from ebay yet! grr!)

    - Final meeting with florist on Friday

    - Final dress fitting next Wednesday

    - Book highlights, wax, tan & nails

    - Buy lingerie

    I think that's it... It looks like quite a lot! What about you crazybride2?? The excitement is starting to overtake the stress now! Hehe x

  • I've got three weeks to go. Just got the final playlists to sort out, baking the cake the week before (but starting to make icing in advance) and cut and colour booked for next week.

    It's weird to think that in 4 weeks it'll all be over!
  • I have:

    19th feb- bridesmaid dress fitting, my final dress fitting and my make up trial at night

    20th feb- final flower appointment

    2nd March- mens final suit fitting and my hen do

    9th March- wedding lessons

    I need to

    send food orders to hotel

    do my table plan display (which was supposed to do today)

    place cards

    order baloons

    and figure out gifts for my page boys

    I think thats it


  • Ooh hannananna I need to do the DJ song list too! And crazybride you just reminded me I need to finish my menus! image thanks girlies.

    crazybride, what are 'wedding lessons'? image

  • something we have to go to because we are getting married in a church. I wouldnt mind but dont really want tog o plus its £15!!

  • MegsMegs Posts: 547
    I have loads to do image been so slack recently! Gonna have a manic wedding weekend to get it all done and out the way! Will update later with my to-do list!
  • Oh I see - Exciting though! image

    Ooh yes do update us Megs! I'm going to do some uploading of all our DIY stuff later into my planning thread, want to sort it all out in my head haha!

  • Sunday we are doing our final meeting with DJ

    Finish table plan/place cards/table names/make favour boxes ready

    bridesmaid fitting

    order stockings and garter lol

    2nd march final suit fittings

    7th March Final meeting with photographer

    9th march hen night

    Thats it then.

    Just out of curiosity what is everyone walking down aisle, signing register and leaving ceremony too?xx

  • Finally some march brides!!! Thought I as the only one!! I have soo much left!! I'm 30th, when's everyone else?
  • We are March 16th image Im so excited. My wedding coordinator at our venue has said I am the most organised bride shes got at the mo Ive always aimed to be at least a month ahead on all my planning lol.

  • I'm 15th! Red Nose Day lol! Don't worry pickybride, you'll get there, you've still got time! image
  • pickybride theres loads of us haha. theres actually a face book page going. MrsHarrison i am Wedding March both ways. Just got some vitamins to start taking, i really dont wnt a cold or an out break of spots for the big day x

  • see we arent allowed that as we are having a civil ceremony but I am walking down the aisle to Bruno Mars - Just the way you are H2B picked that, signing the register to Westlife - I Do and leaving to DJ Sammy (slow version) - Heaven

  • absolutly perfect, i LOVE all those songs. we was going to walk down eisle to westlife I do if have had a register office. and i am oohing and aaring to dance to just the way you are or chasing cars x

  • We are doing our first dance to Take That - Rule the world it means alot to us and our fave film is Stardust well more mine then his lol and plus when we first watched it and the song came on at the end we both burst out crying

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