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Dress problem!

I tried my dress on last week and have lost some weight since the final alteration. The dress still fits quite nicely but there is a bit of gaping around the breast area - the top of the bust doesn't sit flat. I wondered if I was just panicking but I had my mum and sister round on Friday and they both agreed you can see it's a little big. 

The bust of the dress is beaded and has lace so altering it now is not a possibility. I've got a fur bolero/shrug that I could wear and hides the gape but I don't know if this would look right in March?

Is anybody else wearing something with their dress like a bolero or shrug? I did toy with the idea of getting a veil so that if it does end up being a nice day I can have that over my shoulders rather than the fur shrug. What do people think? I'm srarting to panic!! 


  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569

    have you tried it on with your underwear you are wearing on the day ? maybe a different bra would help ?

  • Mrs ShepMrs Shep Posts: 229

    I am really suprised it can no longer be altered. Many people on here have had their dress altered up to a few days before. I really think it is worth a question to your seamstress. From being in here i think most things can be sorted. Good luck. Xx

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    MrsShep2B wrote (see)

    I am really suprised it can no longer be altered. Many people on here have had their dress altered up to a few days before. I really think it is worth a question to your seamstress.

    I agree 100%- definitely get it altered.  My seamstress isn't even starting my alterations until 5 weeks before the wedding, and I'm hoping she can make some final adjustments as close as one week before!  Does your seamstress have limited availability? x 

  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269

    My dress wasn't brought from a bridal shop so I had to get it altered at a seperate shop (where the bridal party has hired their suits from)- it isn't what they primarily do and prefer not to do alterations. It was kind of a favour!

    I've tried it with the bra I'm wearing on the day and it hasn't made a massive amount of difference.

    Can anybody recommend a seamstress in the Northamptonshire area? I'm also toying with the idea of getting some tape and seeing if that helps. 

  • Mrs ShepMrs Shep Posts: 229

    Where in Northamptonshire are you? I would go to a Bridal shop and just ask for their Seamstresses contact details. I am absolutely sure you will get it sorted.

  • My bridal shop suggested I get some bra boosters and they are amazing! I had a similar problem where the breast area on my dress looked odd but the bra boosters soon sorted that out.
  • eat some cake girl.. surely we are all looking past prime opportunity to enjoy some pre-wed kcalsimage x

  • hey hun what date in march. i am 23rd. now the 23rd last year was a really hot day, so i arnt sure what to do. i agree with bra boosters and tape x

  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    I'm in Northampton itself jellybean.

    Cornish I like your suggestion, although I'm more concerned about post-wedding on honeymoon!

    Crazybride I'm the 23rd as well. Will have a look for some tape and bolsters I think image
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398

    My dress is very details and was taken in around the boob, they take it in at the sides so shouldnt be too hard.

  • Wife2b13Wife2b13 Posts: 166
    I would eat cake!image
  • I got mine from my bridal shop but these are similar ones I have found on amazon. They are fantastic!

    I am a 30E but when I put on my dress it looked like I nothing up top and I can't wear a bra with my dress as it's got a low back. They sit under your boobs and can be sewn in to your dress which is what the seamstress is doing. They gave me a much better cleavage and are meant to increase your bust by a size at least. Also because my dress kind of flattened what I do have, it made it a wierd shape around the breast area but these have sorted the gaping and odd shape completely.

    If you can try and ask your bridal shop as they may sell them or no someone who does or alternatively somewhere like amazon

  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269

    Gianny the issue is that I don't have a seamstress image


    But the bra boosters look great so I think I'll definitely give them a whirl - thanks Jellybean.

  • image that's ok. Hopefully they will work for you as well as they have done for me x
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