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Well on back in September me and H2B booked a dj at a wedding fayre and his name was Phil, I began texting Phil as I had never received confirmation of the booking to which he emailed me confirming we was booked. Back in Jan Phil text saying we need to book in to discuss DJ we booked and turns out to be cheaper and has a lot more to offer. Now we have no recollection to where we got the number or how it had got into my phone under the name Phil DJ but I did book 2 DJs and if it wasn't for my h2b noticing yesterday after leaving I would have had 2 DJs on my actual day. The problem I had the original company was charging us £350 and until I emailed today to cancel them I had no correspondance with them they promised they would get in touch etc after xmas to discuss our needs hence the mistaken identity of my DJs lol and never did, I only got a email back today to apologise for how I feel. Our new dj is starting out as a photographer too and has asked if we would mind him taking photos through out the day along side our original photographer for free and he will give us all images on disc after editing etc, hes going to set up a screen to do a slide show of the day pics for the evening guess can see the day time and hes also gonna take pictures of the evening reception image so only I can book 2 djs unitentionally as they both had the same name but the one by mistake turns out to be cheaper and has a lot more to offer us on the day thank goodness h2b noticed when he did lol


  • hahahahahaha i think you are very looky lol. when i first read it i thought you were gunna say you sent this phil a text that should have gone to some one else haha. have you got any money back from first one- especially if they havnt got back on touch when they said they would


  • Im going to see what they say but at the min they arent getting back in touch so will ring them tomorrow lol. Luck is definitely an understatement not only have i avoided double booking ive saved money, getting free pics and got an amazing dj too image
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