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18 days to go

Where has time gone?! I remember waiting for it to get to 100 days which seemed to take forever and now I've got 18 days to go, getting nervous now!!


  • i've got 24 days and i'm starting to worry! I feel like i should have more to do!

  • i have 24 aswel. i arnt nervous yet just so stressed out. i have still got favours to do and table plan and note for venue of where to put things and seating plands for best men

  • me too, and the cake to decorate!

  • MrsWifeyMrsWifey Posts: 457
    Wow not long image I've got 36. It's so exciting! Xx
  • MegsMegs Posts: 547
    Eek! I've got place cards and writing up the table plan to do but other than that I think I am all done. Waiting for a couple of bits to arrive in the post then it will all feel very real! How is everyone else doing?xx
  • I have 3 days to go! Mum and sister arrived today, cake is baked and will be iced tonight. Hair trial tomorrow and taking Tron our cat to the Cattery. In some ways I just want it to be Saturday now so we can really enjoy ourselves!
  • hannahnanna669 have a lovely day x

  • 22 Days!!

    More stressed then excited but i think i will be on the day, when all the planning is coming together!!

    hannahnanna669 have a great day!!

  • I'm 24 days too, and it does feel like all of a sudden it's here!!

    After a few crises we are almost there...

    Table plan and place cards to do, plus bunting to make to decorate top table and cake table. Hair and make up trial this weekend plus hen night image

    Stress level to excitement ratio is currently about 2:1...

  • i have joined a facebook private group for march weddings at its the first 2 tomorrow. Its quite emotional really x

  • oolalaoolala Posts: 94

    I can't believe it's now this month! I am actually terrified.... xxx

  • Mrs MarlerMrs Marler Posts: 183

    Me 2!!

    H2B went this morning this time next month you be a Rookard (my surname) anymore!!

    Makes me feel a bit emotional, as thats all I have ever been!!


  • my h2b woke me up saying you will be my wife this month. It was really sweet, but i hate being woke up haha

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