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its finally our month :)

Well this is it all of us are now in the sprint to our big days good luck and congratulations to those who are getting wed today and over the weekend. I cant believe in 15 days time I will be a wife, it only feels like yesterday when I had booked my venue which was 18 months ago, i am so happy and excited that I am marrying the man I love so much but nervous and aprehensive to how the day is gonna go and to actually see all our hard work come together there might be loads of things ive done "wrong" but when your not a professional wedding planner or have thousands to spend we have done our best and we love it. Hope everyone is enjoying these last few weeks


  • i agree, ours is 23rd march and it feels like touching distance away and yet i still cant quite feel like its really going to happen!

    i keep thinking "have i forgotten to do something?" or having a panic that something will go wrong, but i guess thats natural lol.


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