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I bought my wedding dress from Fairytale London in Fulham and had a very good service from them. Rula was honest and did not try to tell you that you looked good in anything, Once I had chosen my dress Rula helped to design some sleeves for it, the original design had no straps. I had 3 fittings and each time I went my dress was ready and waiting. Rula also stayed open late one night as I had forgotten my first fitting. I was supposed to be there at 5 O Clock and eventually arrived at about 6.15. There were no complaints at having to stay open until 8 just for me. I would recommend her to other people who would like a no nonsense straight forward approach. Amanda 


  • Amanda, I'm with you, I've loved my experience and think they're thoroughly professional image 

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    I have been meaning to write a review about my experience at Fairytale London bridal shop for a long time, but simply couldn't find the right time...so here it is.

    I got married in May last year and engaged just a few months before that, so as you can imagine I was rushing and stressing towards the end to find my perfect dream dress Given that I'm quite petite, I found it extremely hard and at the end stressful that I still could not find my dream dress as everything I tried on was size 12 or above (apparently the average size in UK for brides is size 12, so most shops have dresses in that size... so imagine me being a size between 6-8 how I could fit?). Anyway, because of this I ended up looking and trying dresses at least 7 shops and tried on over 20 dresses and still had not found the dress I wanted. I did have a budget in mind (i.e. up to £2.5k), but still it wasn't too tight to not allow me to choose the dress I wanted. By nature I'm quite particular and was looking for a dress that was special in a sense that you don't see most brides wearing, I also wanted the dress to match my built, my character as well as being a traditional one. After so many research online and trials at bridal shops, I ended up picking a few dresses from Rosa Clara collection, and it looked that the closest shop to me which had a few dresses from the collection was Fairytale London. So I called the shop and booked my first appointment/trial with them. I was told that a booking fee of £35 will be asked to pay on the day, but if chosen to buy a dress from the shop it will be deducted from the price, otherwise it would not be refundable. So they were very clear with me from the start.

    The day of my appointment came and so did my trial in trying several dresses, they did not have all the designs I had chosen of Rosa Clara but I still tried the other two I had selected in my mind and on top of that I chose another 2 dresses from other designers, and I AM so happy I did so. The shop assistant was very helpful and honest with her opinion. At the end, I ended up with having to choose between two dresses, one from the Rosa Clara collection and the other from Ellis Bridal. I asked if I could come for a second trial where I can bring my brother to help me decide which of the two dresses I could go for, and they told me that would be no problem. And so it happened, the next time I was there it was myself and my brother + Bella (his dog, she stayed in her bag). Ellie, the assistant helped me try both the dresses for my brother to see, and at the end my brother told me his choice - which luckily coincided with my first choice, so happy bunny 

    After that, I paid half of the deposit for the dress and the second half I was asked to pay it once the dress was ordered and had arrived in the store which was a few months later - note that I was very close to the 6 months window for when you have to order a dress.

    Anyway, the dress for the smallest size arrived in the shop and I went to try it on, again with my brother. I was very happy to see that I still loved the dress on me and it was just as perfect and dreamy as I remembered. But given that I am so petite, the dress still needed a small alteration around my waist and chest, so I was explained there and then what packages they offered...1- the one off fee for alteration, or 2- the cover fee which included any alterations and for many times as I wanted. Needless to say, I went for the safer option so chose the second and very happy to have done so. They did a great work and the dress stayed just perfect on me.

    Rula herself, very nicely assisted in shorting the length of my dress and fixing my waist and bust. She carefully listened to my requirements and fulfilled them with no problem. To this day, I will always be very grateful to her and her work on the dress as it really was exactly as I wanted

     She also helped me with the choice of the veil (as I had yet to find one), I was shown 3 types of veil, but loved one in particular and she ordered that for me to pick up on the day that I was going to collect my dress.

    To sum up, I had a great experience at Fairytale London shop and I got a great assistance throughout my visits so cannot add any complaint, on the contrary only good words

    I had a fabulous time at our wedding, every single person loved my dress and the veil and to this day I still get asked the questions, where have I bought them?

    Best of luck and wishes to all you future brides out there!


    P.s. One piece of advice, try not to get too stressed and plan things well in advance so you can take it easy :-)

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