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1 more day left of our month :(

So with there only being one more day left before our group turns in to I got married in March 2013 what has been the best bits of the journey for yourselves beside the obvious everyone's big day? Was it the early planning stages when you were deciding themes, colours etc? Picking venue/venues? Dress shopping? Telling people you were getting married? Etc etc. the best bits for me was the last few weeks leading to the big day when I could see everything falling together nicely despite the stress of sticking to dead lines lol, the day was absolutely amazing perfect just doesn't seem good enough to describe how it went, people who didn't come to the wedding have stopped us in the streets telling us that everyone has gone on about how perfect it was and then the photos, we were lucky enough to have 2 separate photographers at our wedding we have had proofs back from photographer number 1 and love them now have the hard task of whittling 540 down to just 40. The most flattering thing for me is my friend has just got engaged and when I asked her when her big day was she replied well a lil birdy has told me it takes 18 months to have the perfect day and as asked if I would mind helping her because if I helped her make her special day half as perfect as mine she would be over the moon. I am over joyed that I am married, I am over joyed that I am officially Mrs Harrison, I am ecstatic the day went smoothly and perfectly BUT I wanna do it all again, I'm gonna miss trawling wedding fayres, gonna miss sitting for hours deciding on a venue, gonna miss reading and re-reading my vows to make sure they are perfect, gonna miss the countdown, gonna miss the stress lol, gonna miss the feeling I had on the morning the butterflies, the nerves, the excitement and the overwhelming feeling of love, the look on my husbands face when he turned round to me walking down the aisle and the tears in people's eyes when they saw and heard how much we love each other. 18 months of stress and hard planning and saving was worth it, our wedding is another day out of my life I could just keep reliving along side the birth of my children. Those who are planning and not married yet honestly everything you are going through now will mean nothing on the day missing out on luxuries for that perfect venue, stressing over whose gonna sit with who and where and how your gonna wear your hair to compliment your gorgeous dress trust me it is worth every second. Well I've waffled on now thanks if you have read this far lol
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