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weather ....


 ........ im getting married on March 22nd 2014 & cant wait ..... Just wondering what the weather will be like like, it was snowing last year (2013)!

I'm hoping for anthing but slush x

Just thought I'd share this pic I found for all you brides to be who might be thinking the same.

Sam xx


  • & I'm sorry I know the most boring coversation is about the weather but when you may be having the drag a once ivory dress through snow ... puddles ... slush! 

    plus im getting married in a chuch (fingers x'd the heating eill be on)


    & then heading to waterton park, walton. its on an island so no escape from the winds ha!


    saying that I am Mrs.ThisglassishalfFULL & know its going to be beautiful.... here hoping It'll be that hot we will have to jump in the lake for to cool off. x

  • SaziSazi Posts: 219

    We are getting wed 19th april 2014. I also worry and panic about the weather. last year on 19th april it rained in morning and sunny in afternoon. The year before it rained all day and in 2011 it was a scorcher! So you can just never tell! if it is cold I mind, I just do not want rain

  • MrsKGMrsKG Posts: 403

    If it rains, it rains You can't control the weather! Just make sure you have a backup plan for somewhere to have pictures inside, or get some pretty umbrellas. We are getting married in February next year so are just assuming that the weather is going to be bad and planning around it. If we get nice weather it will just be a lovely bonus!

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I was watching the weather like a hawk in the run up to our August wedding.. i had white umbrellas at the ready! It poured down all morning and just as i was getting ready to go down for the ceremony, it brightened up and the sun blazed all afternoon! I was so happy!

    As has already been said, plan for the worst so you are prepared, and anything better than the worst will be a massive bonus!

  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    exactly why we are going to cuba to get married lol xx

  • so true ... We wanted to do It abroad originally but couldnt get some of the family there so decided to have it here. plus think I'd be more gutted if it rained in carribean all day which sometimes & from experience it does, although it's warm rain and seriously beautiful when it does over there! 

    Im ik not bothered we are going to expect it just didn't know how to plan for it ... I'm not a fan of the welly look!

    the brollies are a fab idea might have to look out for some of those in advance! Could actually have some fun with them colour coordinate ect.....  any more ideas  ( I might by a hair hood  what old ladies wear to get me to the chuch ( not very attractive though) hhmmmm .....

  • Cheers guys. love the granny hood idea I'm going to invest ... Just incase .....

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