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Whoooooo just finished all my stationery prototypes!!!

Here's my (just finished!!)Poster, RSVP & guest passes (we're having a wedding festival)




Brutal truth required please - are they ok???? I've been so stressed out about this, as it's really important to me that these are right and able to "set the scene" for our guests. I went through 3 different designers, and then when I couldn't get a print quote for less than £500 I thought sod it, I'll have a bash myself!!!!

Will print posters via Vistaprint for £55 and the rest I can do at work for free - yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


  • charl4charl4 Posts: 143
    They are amazin, they look great, well done.

    Can I ask are u camping the night of your wedding??
  • Love love LOVE them! image
  • Thanks ladies image

    Charl4 - yes we are camping (well, sort of)...we've hired a VW Campervan which will also double up as night before accommodation for the Groom, my wedding day transport, and our mini-moon accommodation for a few days afterwards image
  • I just had to send them to H2B as they are awesome! Did you make them yourself or did you get a company to make them up? We're having a village fete theme so may steal your idea for the poster and maybe even the site map as we've got a large field with things dotted around
  • charl4charl4 Posts: 143
    Thats so up my street but H2B wanted to stick with tradition image

    I LOVE IT image
  • BrideyBoo - I made them myself, just using word and a logo I managed to find on the t'internet!

    The site map came from our venue's website and I just pasted it into word and put some tags on it. Ran the passes through a laminating machine that we have in the office, and job done!

    I'm going to make some banners to go in the site as I noticed Vistaprint have a banner service too, god love them. Things like "Main Stage" and "Bar" etc

    Steal away, let me know if I can help at all!
  • Amazing zoe!!! Your so good at that...we are diy-ing our invites and my draft one atm looks like something from playschool image
  • Now that is some amazing stationery! You are super talented and the whole package sets the theme brilliantly. Your wedding looks like it will be an amazing weekend!
  • gem112gem112 Posts: 207
    They're AMAZING! Well done you. I'd be so excited if I received an invite like that.
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