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Honeymoon destinations

hello fellow May brides, just wondered where you have all picked for your honeymoons.

I haven't got a clue where even look!!


Kirstie x


  • We wanted something easy and relaxing but also with some cities thrown in (as we would both get really bored with two weeks on a beach) so we've booked to got to San Francisco for 3 nightd then we fly to Hawaii where we are spending 4 nights on Waikiki Beach then 7 nights on a beach in Maui - I really can't wait!!! We chose hawaii as the first film we ever went to see together was Lilo and Stitch which was based in Hawaii so we always said if we ever got married we would go there on our honeymoon!
  • Mexico, Cancun.......CANNOT WAIT FOR SOME SUNSHINE!!! image
  • We went to thailand last may, was amazing!!xx
  • We're going to Cuba. 5* adults only hotel with spa.

    Think h2b is lookin more forward to that than the wedding!! Lol.

  • Errol75Errol75 Posts: 40
    We're going to India. It's getting into the hot season in May but we're going for it anyway. 12 days touring the north then 7 days in a 5* in Goa. Can't wait!!
  • were going to Thailand!!!! Cannot wait!!!!!!
  • MrsLL2BeMrsLL2Be Posts: 200
    Hey!! We are heading to Cyprus where I used to live - cant wait!!! xx image

    Not long to go now girls!!!
  • Hey we are also going to Cuba we are going to sandals resort total relaxation cannot wait? How long after wedding are you guys waiting before going away? X
  • This doesnt help with your search for ideas - but I don't have a clue where we are going! H2b has booked and sorted it, but I'm not getting to find out until we go. So nervous & excited!

    Its not going to be too far afield, as we're calling the trip to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in September our 'proper' honeymoon...but still!
  • We're going to Cape Verde, 2 weeks of 5* luxury, can't wait. When planning gets to much and I lose the plot a bit I just think that 2 days after the wedding's all over we jet off!!!!

    Just got to pay for it now, hehe!!! image
  • We are thinking of going to Crete. Does anyone know if it will be hot enough to lay by the pool, this is my only concern.

    Average temp on websites say 23 degrees! but I guess it might be warmer.
  • weve got 4 nights in LA followed by 14nts in a 5 star resort on the riviera maya,mexico...sometimes i forget theres a honeymoon im concentrating so much on the wedding!!
  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584
    were going to ibiza on a mini moon straight after the wedding staying ata 5* spa north of the island and then were off to the maldives a little later in the year! Something to look forward to!
  • We've booked a cottage in Dorset for the week after the wedding, it means our dog can come too imageimage
  • SparkleyPixie - we've got a minimoon in the lake district in a VW camper van so our dogs can come too image ours are also coming to the wedding image

    Over Christmas & NY we are off to the States for 3 weeks to do 2 weeks pootling about in California in a sod off great RV followed by a week's skiing in the Rockies. Hurrah!
  • Zoe you guys are our holiday twins image Jack won't be coming to the wedding though as my parents don't want the potential stress of mud+dog paws+people dressed up imageimage but we'd love to hire a huge feck off RV and tour North America image

    We'll be up in North Yorks by then so drop the mutts off in exchange for postcards!
  • Hahaha, you wouldn't offer to have them if you'd met Womble, my 4 year old airedale. Truly he is a special dog, he is extremely vocal and does NOT shut up from morning til night image

    Our wedding invites said "Well behaved children and dogs welcome". Someone pointed out that I'd got the wording wrong and that it should "children and well behaved dogs"....erm, no imageimage

    I had planned on going cheap for my dress because of the paw print element - hmmm that didn't really work out well for me. Oops didn't even consider the guests outfits, selfish me image
  • image loving the name! image Jack isn't too bad shouting wise but doesn't like anything which sounds like it could possibly be a firework image bless him

    Can we swop weddings?! Yours sounds aboslutely fab - you'll have to do a report!
  • We're going to rivieria maya for two weeks bliss
  • We are eloping to Vegas, so we have the honeymoon with the wedding!!!

    Going to San francisco for 5 nights, Vegas for 5 nights (getting married) then Los Angeles for 4 nights!!

    The home to face the music to let (my future in-laws) that we got married while on holiday!! Not looking forward to that one!!
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