Got the dress yet?

I'm just wondering how far behind I am! I'm getting married on the 26th May and I haven't set foot in a bridal shop yet - I think I'm too scared, haha! I've set a date of the 2nd April to go wedding dress shopping. Hopefully I'll find 'the one' quickly!

Have you got your dress yet? What's it like, and how did you know it was the one for you? image


  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Im not going dress shopping til May this year, they reccommend you go at least 6 months before i think so we have loads of time x
  • Glad to hear it! I thought i was going to be really behind!

    I'm finding it a bit hard to carry on with the planning, though! I feel like the dress is the key to everything. Bridesmaid dresses, colour scheme, flowers... I can't wait until April to start really looking!
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    I know what you mean! I cant wait to go shopping in May! x
  • I3ongoI3ongo Posts: 29
    I was thinking of May this year as well, surely enough time!

    I've booked to go with Mum on 5th April when she's on school hols, thought a week day would be less busy than a Saturday! Super scared!!
  • MrsSmileyjulyMrsSmileyjuly Posts: 1,818
    I went dress shopping 11months before so you should be fine!
  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    Hi i've got my dress but only because it was being discontinued at the end of this month, its called Eloise by Jenny Packham. Otherwise I was going to go in August/September time, so you should have plenty of time left!
  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    I ordered my dress yesterday! I was going to wait, but as I'm so short I knew I would need it specially made couture dress. Deposit paid and dress will start to be made around November! I can't wait!!
  • lizzydeelizzydee Posts: 275
    I'm 26th May as well (tbc!) and my mum and I are going on April 30th. We thought we'd make a "wedding weekend" of it what with the Royal wedding on the day before. It's so exciting but scary too. I'm trying to lose a few pounds before then so I feel a bit better about it.
  • Hi all,

    I thought rather than starting a new thread I'd write on this one!

    I'm getting married 12th May 2012. My Mum had a random Friday off last week and although I felt it was still too early, we made some appointments to try on some dresses. The first shop we go into I picked out about half a dozen dresses, and the first one I tried on, I loved. Tears all round, etc. It is very classic and very 'bridal'. Then I saw another one in another shop which didn't look that nice on the hanger, very frilly, but looked gorgeous on. Because no one was expecting it to look nice it made such an impact, mother in tears again!

    I am now torn between the two, to go classic bridal or different and modern? I am more swayed to the first one as it felt more like 'my dress', or maybe I should look around a bit more. Then again if the first one went today I'd be absolutely heartbroken.

    Anyone else had any similar experiences where they fell in love with two completely different styles?!

    Claire x
  • I read a great tip on here a while ago for this dilemma:

    If both shops caught fire, which dress would you save?

    Maybe that helps?! imageimage
  • lucyloo28lucyloo28 Posts: 126
    My dress was the first and only dress ive tried on and I knew it was the one the moment I set eyes on it so I bought it there and then! cant wait to wear it image. If you are torn betweeen two dresses though I would have a shop around. You'll know its the one when you find it image xxx
  • Slinky30Slinky30 Posts: 25
    I started looking fairly early as thought it would take a while but 3 shops later and about 15 dresses later i found the one and thought there was no point in waiting so put the deposit down and am happy it is done as that is one thing I can stop obsessing about image
  • MrsM2be2012MrsM2be2012 Posts: 143
    i'm getting married 28th april 2012, we started looking at dresses a few weeks after getting engaged so was bout middle feb. ordered dress last week. its weird the dress i finally chose is one i saw last year when i was a bridesmaid, i seen it on a manniquin and actually said to the bride that would be my kind of dress, not actually realising it would turn out to be perfect on.

    am so excited it'll arrive end of september and having it altered, changing zip back to corset. cant wait. i dont think you can look too early, its very true what everyone says, you just know its the dress for you as soon as you put it on. i never believed that before.

    good luck with the dress hunting.

  • I3ongoI3ongo Posts: 29
    Went dressing shopping yesterday with Mum, 3 shops and probably 30 dresses later, found one I loved!

    The shop is getting new stock in August so suggested I came back then, tried any those I liked, plus this one, then get it if still like it.

    Assume August leaves enough time? 6 months for the dress to come in...
  • I think I'm going to get my dress this summer when my mum and sisters can come up to London for a shopping day! Hoping I can get the bridesmaid dresses as well! Very excited, Monsoon is the place I think I will go...very pretty dresses and such good value image
  • tobewedtobewed Posts: 25
    I am getting married on 26th May 2012 and have been saving myself the treat of dress shopping for when May this year comes around! So exciting. Decided it would be a treat, as we have been engaged since March 2010 and so its quite a wait!

    Still, now it is coming round its a matter of making sure people are available to come with me... else it may get pushed to June!

    Does it make it all really hit home when you try it on? I cant imagine what its going to be like!! image
  • tobewed,

    we've been engaged since March 2009 so I can completely empathise with the wait!!!

    I thought the same as you to leave it the year before but we have so many weddings May/June I thought best to start looking sooner, so went mid march, and found the one! I thought it would be too early but to be honest I'm glad that such a big part of planning has been ticked off the list, it will really kick start you into planning mode too! Have fun looking for 'the one'! image
  • MrsKG2B_12MrsKG2B_12 Posts: 48
    I started looking for dresses in June and hope to have ordered it by August.
  • MrsCloMrsClo Posts: 637
    Just ordered mine last week, only took a couple of weeks and 3 dress shops to find. I'm getting wed April 7th and I feel like I was v early image so don't panic!
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