Too early for wedding ring?

Do you think its too early to get my ring? I liked one and though id wait to see if it went in any summer sales or anything and instead it went from £550 to £699 within a couple of months. Then found another on offer online n that went up a couple of hundred in a matter of hours!! seriously i think im cursed. Cant be spending too much on them n have found another i like but am scared its going to go up again or disappear. But feel like its quite early to get rings n dont know if its just because w've come to a bit of a stand still planning wise n i want something thoughts? xx


  • no, not too soon at all
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I don't think it's too early at all!!! If you like it get it!!! It's not like youve got years to wait!!! image
  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438
    Get it! I am getting married June 2012 and we bought ours last month! we have done everything now - its never to early to get organised! image
  • BabsMelonBabsMelon Posts: 983
    Get it! I'm getting married July 2012 and bought my ring in November! Also have H2B's!
  • mrsjenny2012mrsjenny2012 Posts: 258
    if its what you want then get it! i'm getting married in Feb 2012 and have got our rings. I figure the rings will last years and years so what does a few months matter? xx
  • monkey197monkey197 Posts: 254
    image yeay thanks girls xx
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    We are getting married 30th June next year and we got our rings today! I have just had a nosey at your ring and its gorgeous!!! Definately go for it hun x
  • FinallyMrsCFinallyMrsC Posts: 194
    Not too early at all! The ring is the one thing that will last beyond the wedding (not forgetting the h2b!) and if you have found 'your' ring you've gotta go for it!
  • MrsVowles2BeMrsVowles2Be Posts: 142
    we're getting married may next year and that was the first things we bought, the jewellers i got ours from let you pay a deposit and pay the balance as and when you could afford to. i paid them off over a month ago. Just so tempting to keep trying mine on so i gave it to my mother in law to be to look after, lol.
    I saw my ring and fell in love with it, then it went down in the sale from £1000, to £495 so i snapped it up, and that was over 2years before my wedding image im getting married next month and still love it as much now as i did then, maybe even a little bit more
  • Metal prices are really volatile at the moment and that will be why the prices keep jumping. It's unlikely that they will come down significantly between now and May, so you may as well buy them now (though you might get a good deal in a sale still).
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    definetly get it!

    When h2b went looking for my engagement ring he found one, waited a bit and it doubled in price image !!!

    Moral of the story- if you like it, get it!
  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    get it now! Don't wait, prices of precious metals are going up. When we bought our wedding rings my ring cost £750, when we went back 7 weeks later to pick them up mine had risen by £400 and h2b's by £250. Although you now have to hide them as h2b keeps getting him out to try on!
  • kate2702xkate2702x Posts: 175
    Although you now have to hide them as h2b keeps getting him out to try on!

    I would be exactly the same so I have been putting it off. Can't trust myself. Also I am easy to please with things like that so I know I wont have trouble finding one I like nearer the time. But I think if you see something you like, buy it. I've been caught out before waiting for stuff to reduce in price only to find it doesnt or gets discontinued.
  • monkey197monkey197 Posts: 254
    Ordered it yesterday, image should be here next thurs. woop woop woop xx
  • monkey197monkey197 Posts: 254
    Got my ring through today!! its lovely, really happy with it image yeay xx
  • xlaura7xukxlaura7xuk Posts: 231
    We got ours last weekend and we get married 5th May so its fine especially if its the sale.

    Which ours were and had 10% off woop woop
  • I have to agree with Amylou114 it's never too early to be organised! We are currently looking at rings (wedding May 2012) and they have jumped up in price since we got engaged end of August last year! My engagement ring has gone up by £750 and that's with Ernest Jones. Definitely the time to buy! image
  • cm_prcm_pr Posts: 339
    I bought mine and H2Bs yonks ago. His nan is currently keeping them safe as we would no doubt misplace them.

    They're both 18ct white gold and cost about £400 altogether. Cheap as chips!
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