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I am now a May 2012 Bride

I have moved our wedding date earlier from 30th June to 5th May due to honeymoon being so much cheaper yay!!!


  • lexy_popslexy_pops Posts: 14
    hey lovely, im glad im not the only one who moved my wedding dat forward, but i was ament to be getting married in 2013 and moved it forward to 25th may 2012, just couldnt wait any longer!! do you have much done for you big day yet, because i keep having wobbles that im going to forget stuff!!! x
  • xlaura7xukxlaura7xuk Posts: 231
    Yeah i have done loads tbh.

    Booked the church, venue, photographer, dj, honeymoon.

    Brought dress, wedding rings.

    Stationery all being made.

    Cake being made.

    Not alot left to do except the suits, bm's to sort and my underwear shoes and jewellery.


    Yeah i havent been engaged long and didnt want a long one!!
  • wooo hooo!! i booked my wedding today and im so excited!! 12th May..... Get me in those dress shops!!! image

    Cant wait to get planning!

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