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marc le carr nancy wedding dress

I really need help!!!! my h2b ask me to marry him this time last year and i was soooo excited and brought my dress two weeks later (well mum did) it was the first shop i went in to! the dress looked amazing and i was so happy is a marc le carr nancy dress, but now im having a paddy and not to sure if i jump in a got it to soon because i dnt no if its the dress for me!!! but i loved it so much..... is this normal and what shall i do ladies????


  • lisam84lisam84 Posts: 10

    I did exactly the same with the nancy wedding dress at a wedding show - bought on total impulse! Then i freaked out and went to the shop to try it on and I loved it all over again! Make sure you try it on with a hoop as it sits much better. Also did you get the white or the ivory? It's an amzing dress and I think every single bride goes through this once they have bought their dress!

    Hope this helps x
  • lexy_popslexy_pops Posts: 14
    hey lovley!!!

    Thank you soo much, im now going to try it in again on tuesday with a friend, and she is brutaly honest so hopefuly she will love it!!! but you are right it is a stunning dress, i think its because there are no other pictures of it on the internet and the website picture does it no justice, im sure i will feel better when its on again, but like you said i will defo try on with the hoop....

    thank you, you a life saver or shall i say dress saver (cheesy or wot!!!)
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