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How Your Wedding Budget?

Hello all you brides,

My wedding budget is about £8000. But just one problem, I don't know how to make a plan for this budget.

As anyone any tips or advice for me on how much wedding dresses I buy, how much invitation I spend, and more detail wedding plan?


  • 278_uk278_uk Posts: 52
    The best suggestion I can make is to look at some of the other budget threads, where people have set out exactly what each part cost. There are some brilliant ideas on DIY-ing as well.
  • Yet, I am a newbie here, I just can't find what I want here. How about your wedding budget, I just nosily and want to make a perfect plan for my wedding.
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078 Join up, go on budget planner, and they give you a way of keeping track of your expenditure and what you have left to pay. They also give you example numbers.
  • No, I have no plan. And I have a long time to prepare my wedding. I just don't know how to begin my cost plan.
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    rowena this site does that too, under the tools section up top lol calculates everything for ya too

    shelby have u any plans like where you want the reception and ceremony and how much that is costing?? when are you getting married?? does your budget include honeymoon?

    Oooh, I didn't know that! I will go and have a look...

    (I suggested it because I'm not prepared to share my financial details with all and sundry when I can recommend other good ways for them to get the info they want)
  • Hi ShelbyAnderson

    just curious why you decided to post this in 'May 2012' thread as you said that you have a long time to plan and you have another threat about a winter wedding?

    anyway, most bridal magazines give sample prices in the back and timelines which I find extremely useful.

    I would suggest spending more where you think it matters. For me and H2B, we wanted to spend more on photography and cut back on other areas like stationary and wedding rings.
  • Hi,kate2702x

    I am a newbie here, I think I may thread at the wrong place. My wedding day will in the winter 2012, not the May. Tough I have almost a year to prepare my wedding, I want to get more tips from internet befor, so that I can cut back my money well.
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