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Anyone getting married in Vegas this year?

We have just started planning. Hopeing to get married at Caesars Palace in October but still no reply since I sent the enquiery form 1 week ago! Starting to get a little worried since 3 other hotels have contacted me after Caesars shared my info!

Anybody got any advice or just some reassurance will do xx


  • Hiya, we're getting married in Vegas this year too in July. We've gone every year for the past four years so it seemed appropriate, but this time all the family will come.

    We decided on Valentines Day last year that we'd do it there and then had a stroke of luck in August which meant we were able to go over and do a proper recce of the chapels etc.

    So, while we were out there we booked our wedding - we're getting married at the Little Chapel of the Flowers and having our wedding dinner at the Stratosphere (there will be 30 of us altogether). We also went to the Courthouse and paid for our wedding license as it lasts for 12 months (makes me feel like we're half married already lol).

    I don't know what the planners are like at Caesars but all the other places we visited the planners were really helpful.

    I've just noticed you posted this a week ago, have you had any joy from them yet? Maybe another email to nudge them might work. Are you really set on there? After all, if they can't be bothered to reply to your email very promptly and you do book with them, can you be sure they'll be helpful regarding your wedding? Just playing devil's advocate!

    Once you do find the right place they are so very helpful. I get emailed from my planner at the chapel every month on the date of the wedding e.g. we're getting married on 26th July so have received emails on 26th of each month, reminding me of things I might need to plan.

    Would love to hear how you're getting on, it's really nice to see someone else getting married over there and so exciting!
  • Hello!

    We're getting married in Vegas 20th April. We got engaged there/it's our favourite place in the world and we didn't want a huge wedding so was an easy decision really.

    We're getting married at the Bellagio on the outside terrace followed By a meal at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris, then we hope to move everyone onto a bar or lounge somewhere. There'll be 28 of us altogther.

    We met our wedding planner when we there last May and since booking via email she keeps in regular contact and has always responded to our emails within 24 hours.

    I would be inclined to send Ceaser's another email, saying you haven't had a response from your last email - you never know, someone could be on holiday or have deleted the original(!) but if you don't hear back after that one I would look into other places as it's not filling you with confidence on their organisation!

    I'm sure they will pull their socks up with some prompting!

    Good luck with your planning - both of you! image
  • H2BsW2BH2BsW2B Posts: 11
    Thank you ladies for replying. I sent another email and a lady got back to me sending the information I need. I've sent another since and she replied straight away so my confidence in them is better.

    I don't know about you ladies butnim completely stressed out with the planning. I thought it was going to be easy! My H2B isn't exactly helpig either - he doesn't understand why I need flowers or photos????

    We are hopig to be married oct 27th. Have you been in Vegas at this time of year? What is the weather like? We are thinking of an out door wedding at 6.30pm.

    I'm a bit worried that we can't find out a true price until we have paid the deposit. I've got a rough idea of how much the extra things like flowers and photos are going to cost.

    Any suggestions on hair an makeup? I'm guessing the salon at Caesars is going to cost a fortune.

    Good luck with your planning an any suggestions and tips will be greatly appriciated.

    Keep in touch and keep me updated on your plans.

  • rebajaynerebajayne Posts: 23

    Hi. Did you go ahead and have your wedding at caesers?  I am just starting to look in to emailing hotels but it's very mind boggling. A lot of people say chapel of flowers too. 

    Hope you had an amazing day xx

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