OK, so now it's all beginning to feel very real. The bridal shop called me yesterday to tell me my dress is in the shop, wasn't expecting it for another month or so! woohooo!! Going to try it on on Thursday lunchtime and take my mum image Just thought i'd post on here and say EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!

Has anyone else got their dress yet?


  • No I'm hoping for mine tomorrow, just waiting for the call image
  • Yay, how exciting!!!

    Mine arrived last week, and I went to try it on last Friday - so nice to wear your actual dress....enjoy trying it on!! image
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    make sure you take lots of pics and post them here image
  • how exciting!! i hate the idea of waiting 4 months for my dress image
  • Quoted:
    make sure you take lots of pics and post them here

    hmm don't think i'll be taking photos i think it sort of ruins it as it's not the 'finished article' - i'll be taking my shoes and my tiara to try and get a more realistic idea but don't like the idea of taking pics when my hair and makeup isn't done!
  • I received a letter from Confetti and Lace to say my Benjamin Roberts 2058 is in aswell!! so exciting!

    Only thing is I am on lightlife at the mo, have lost 2 stone but have another stone to go so really want to try it on but I am going to try and wait until March/April time - its going to be tough!
  • I've had mine for over a year as I got it in a sample sale. I've only tried it on 3 times since bringing it home, I resisted temptation! Just have to have alterations done next month image
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    Mine arrived last year but I'm going to try it on on the 11th!!!
  • My dress was sample sale so it is being stored in the shop for me in their 'special climate controlled, blackedout room' until my dress fitting on March 19th! So excited to put it on again!

    Just wanted to ask you guys if you think March 19th is too early for my fitting (wedding is on August 6th)? x
  • March does seem quite early...I only ordered my dress about 2 weeks ago...and I get married on 19th May! No idea when it's meant to be turning I think you could afford to wait a bit unless you werent going to change size etc...
  • Mine arrived a couple of weeks ago and i tried it on last week!! Wasnt expecting it to arrive until end of feb so was very happy!

    Enjoy trying it makes everything seem so very real image xxx
  • Mine came today image

    only have to wait 4 weeks to wear it!
  • mine was a sample dress so mines already in store! Although I get to try it on again soon for my first fitting...I just hope I can still fit in it :P
  • OK so i tried it on today, i love it image it's also a bit too big will need it altered but I don't care, it means i've lost weight! haha woooo!
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