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Hi, hope you are all ok? I went wedding dress shopping with my daughter last week and found a gorgeous dress. It was the first shop I have been to. I don't know whether to go to a few more shops or buy it now? Plus im not sure if its too early to buy it? xx


  • Hi i am using my sister log in she is married i have forgot my log in and wanted to look for ideas. i am also getting married in may 2013 i have tried a dress on and fell in love i have tried another 10 and that one twice and then another 10, i have decided to buy the dress as i dont feel that i will like the other styles better and if i leave it and then they dont decided to keep stocking that dress i will feel devistated
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    ooh! what dress is it? I really want to go dress shopping but I'm a bit scared after reading some horror stories about bridal shops! I think maybe it can't hurt to try a couple more if only to rule out other dresses.
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    I found mine in the first shop I visited (which was an impromptu visit as it was about 5 minutes walk from my house!)

    It was one the assistant insisted I try on, even though it was not what I originally had in mind, and I fell in love with it straight away image

    I did visit another shop afterwards as I knew that if I went for it straight away I would wonder what if. However, I hated every dress I tried on in the other shop, and didn't have the same feeling at all. In my local shop the assistants were friendly, seemed to know exactly what would suit me and knew exactly what to say when I was getting overwhelmed (I'm quite shy so the experience of being centre of attention was an interesting one...god knows what I'll be like on the day!) In the other shop I felt pressured. The assistant kept asking me whether the dress I was trying on was the one, and although I said I liked them all (without much conviction!) so as not to seem rude it astounded me how she blatantly misread everything I was thinking and straight away started pressurising me with offers and time limits etc.

    I went back to my local, tried on MY dress again and fell in love with it all over again. That made me decide I had to order it, even if it means risking dress wobbles later on. I would regret it much more if I was unable for whatever reason to buy the dress nearer to the time, and the amazing customer service I received makes me want to give my business to them rather than another shop where I did not feel so welcome.

    I definitely think you should try another shop and a few more dresses just to satisfy your curiosity, but if you feel like you're 'cheating' on your dress and none give you the same feeling, I say go for it! image

    Sorry, just realised how long this post is!

  • It's not too early to buy. I've bought mine, but I did try on about 20-30 dresses and went on four separate shopping trips. It's important to try everything on and give yourself time to think things through. The dress I bought is totally different from the original dresses I liked.
  • I'm in a similar situation, I have found a dress I absolutely love but not getting Married until May 2013, so part of me is thinking it is too soon, but then part of me knows I love the dress.

    I've tried on about 12 - 15 dresses, some at wedding fayres and a few shops including a sample sale. The dress I love I have tried on about 4 times, and have tried dresses on before and after, and I keep coming back to the same dress. I'm also finding fault with every other dress I try on as nothing compares. The shop wherethe dress is stocked was also really lovely and couldn't do enough for me, I haven't felt pressured and they have even recommended coming back for a second and third trying on session!

    I think you do know when you have found the one. However, as I've only been to one actual shop and time is hopefully on my side, I'm going to plan a few more shopping trips, but if as CoraApple says if I keep coming back to that dress, then I know it's the one.

    Good luck! image
  • I am buying mine from the one and only shop I have had an appointment in for 2 reasons:

    1)They had a huge choice of different designers and styles and I easily found my 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice during one appointment.

    2) The owner was the friendliest, most helpful shop owner I had met so far. I knew she was great because she also helped my sister with her dress and she did not let me down. I am a great believer in buying from a person that I like and really appreciate the fact that she understands that I am spending a lot of money and is not flippant about it image
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