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Dates to avoid?

Does anyone know what key dates there are to avoid in may 2013?

We are hoping to get married then but I am aware there might be key end of season football matches (don't want all the men distracted!) and school holidays.

How do you pick your dates?




  • Hi,

    FA Cup Final is Sat 11th May

    Europa Cup Final is Wed 15th May

    Champions League Final is Sat 25th May (our date)

    Hope that helps.

  • Lets just hope Arsenal are not in the final then lol or I will have no groom image
  • Bride2b1Bride2b1 Posts: 355
    my date is the 25th may too i cant wait!!!!

    just hope football dosnt get in the way!
  • RoofiesRoofies Posts: 280
    Haha, I had this too for the 25th May. I've said if Utd are in the Champions League final then we can show it at the reception (although, I'd really prefer that we didn't so fingers crossed they dont make it! image )
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    when my parents got married it was the day of the wimbledon final and they all sat down to watch it and as virginia wade (is that right, 1977) won that year it was quite an uplift to the day they said-mind you, wimbledon is a little more calm than footy, most of the time image
  • We're getting married 25th May 2013 too, seems a popular date! Luckily we don't have too many football fans so it shouldn't be a problem!! image
  • MissP2013MissP2013 Posts: 9
    Marcus, do you know what time kick off is likely to be on the 25th May? I specifically chose a date not to clash with football thinking that the FA cup final was always last game of the season, totally shocked to just see tonight that the champions league final is planned on my booked wedding date! When did UEFA decide this?! Many semi-pros in the wedding party so not going to escape it, not to mentio a football obsessed fiance!! slightly annoyed to say the least, argh!!!

  • Bride2b1Bride2b1 Posts: 355
    devastated that the champions leauge final is on 25th may hoping man utd and man city are not in the final fingerscrossed....or i may have no guests haha
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