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I want my Bridesmaids to be wearing dresses that they will wear again. As I am buying them for them I can't bear the thought of spending £200 each on a long 'bridesmaidy' type dress that will be slung in the wardrobe never to be seen again (would rather spend it on mine or the honeymoon)

I have 5 bridesmaids so my budget is £80-£100 max per dress. I was thinking of simple satin, knee/mid thigh length strapless dresses. Coast is an obvious choice but even they are getting pricier. I was even thinking of looking in M&S/Warehouse/Next etc.

Does anyone else have any suggestions of where I can get simple but lovely dresses that can be dressed up with bridesmaid accessories, cheap? And do you think I am being tight image x


  • jefnurjefnur Posts: 359
    Not at all - my bridesmaids got their dresses in the LK Bennett sale - they were £200 reduced to £60 each. They're red knee length and will definitely be able to wear them again, same with their shoes in the KG sale. I'd look out for sales in some of the more expensive places. ASOS, Monsoon and John Lewis also have some nice dresses that could be dressed up to be bridesmaid-y.

    My friend got her BM dresses from - they were fairly cheap and she paid a friend to alter the neckline so they were all slightly different and also bought another one to cut up and make a totally new dress for a young BM. The dresses were lovely!
  • Hiya, there are sometimes some nice dresses on Monsoon both in the Bridesmaid Category and also their evening dresses, worth a look.

    I dont think your being tight! I have 7 bridesmaids to cater for so I have been looking around too and will be getting my dresses online as it is a lot cheaper than in the bridal stores x
  • Aww, it's good to know that I wasn't being too cheap with the budget. It's really hard to know what you are expected to pay and how much things should cost when planning a wedding image
  • Hi I got mine from b h s for 63 pound each I also got the matching shoes and bags look for there special offers I got my flower girls dresses from debanhams £22 pound each in the sale x
  • This is my budget too! Not much in Next so far this year bhs had quite a good range last weekend. What colours are you looking for?
  • Mummy-LouMummy-Lou Posts: 191
    We found ours in Dorothy perkins! We wanted maxi length chiffon as were getting married abroad and saw some in coast that we liked, would never of thought looking in there until I saw some different ones in a wedding mag from there advertised. Only cost £39 each so were also buying them some gorgeous jewelley, shoes etc. both BM love them too and have said they will wear them again which is a bonus! X
  • SLD12SLD12 Posts: 179
    I was thinking the same as you, and decided to look in the high street rather than a wedding dress shop. I found mine at the weekend, purple knee length satin dresses from Karen Millen in the sale from £190 to £95.

    It's worth trying to get the end of the sales in shops at the moment, and if they only have one or two, they can always try to source them from other stores

  • Avo81Avo81 Posts: 55
    I got my BM dresses from New Look! Or more specifically, from the New Look website as they only stocked the dress in the flagship store. It's not really a traditional BM dress, but that's what I wanted and they were only £50 each - jobs a good 'un!
  • Brown2bBrown2b Posts: 28
    Hi, I got mine from a website called Girls of Elegance, they are short satin 50's style. They were £70 each with an extra 10 percent off. They were cheapest I could find when I was looking.
  • Try looking here:

    There are some real bargains to be had - I'm liking the Victoria Jane. A bit bridesmaidy, but they could wear it again to a wedding as a wedding guest.
  • I think that's perfectly reasonable for bms. I got my dresses from They were cheap but beautiful. They were bridesmaidy though! xx
  • My bridesmaids are buying their own dresses as I've said to them they can choose whichever dress they want as long as it's the right colour palette. I'm going to buy their shoes and accessories from a high street store.

    Dorothy perkins, Oasis and Wallis have some quite nice dresses at times, it's probably worth checking a few stores out as you might be suprised. image
  • I got mine from bhs. They're bridesmaid like but they were only £90 which I thought was pretty good (colour was sapphire). 1 of my bridesmaids said she'd definitely wear it again to a wedding as it's not long and strapless (like most traditional bridesmaid dresses) - it's short and fun looking x
  • Yeah, it is a wise choice to shop online, i think. My sister just received herbridesmaid dresses under 100online. The dress is nice and will stay after the party, as far as i am concerned. when i get married, i am considering about getting my designer wedding dresses  online other than in the real shop. 

  • LucyluLucylu Posts: 148

    My wedding dress is an actual bridesmaids/evening dress from Debenhams Debut range, although it was quite a while ago i got it for £30 marked down from £130! There are bargains to be had! I know that wouldnt be everyones idea of a wedding dress, but im not a first time bride and we are getting married on our own. Goodluck x 

  • Hi everyone! I just got my bridesmaid dresses weekend gone! they are fab and only paid £43 EACH!!!!!!!!!! xx

  • I found a website with nice name brand new (or worn once) bridesmaid and wedding dresses!

    This is a J. Crew Chiffon one for only $99

    (originally they are $250 at J. Crew) so this is a STEAL!!


  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    I got mine from - they are black and gold and not "bridesmaidy" for the same reason - I want them to be able to wear them again (and for me to borrow them ha ha!)  Mine were reduced from £199 to £85 each!! (And free returns too if you don't like them or want to order two sizes) x

  • I was so nervous about the dress, i was looking everywhere to find the perfect and cheapiest dress out there, but suddenly i found a great website with a lot of cheap and good looking dresses, i was so happy. Here is the website

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  • Absolutely not tidebuy!! I ordered from there and the dress is a lot different from their pictures. They're counterfeit dresses. It's not the real pictures.

    I prefer to buy one from a website that has at least a shop in the UK, so that I can see the real dresses.

    I bought mine at and got to check them in their boutique in Birmingham. They're lovely, great quality dresses and very cheap for their quality.


    I think they're on facebook as KIIA BOutique.


    Good luck for any bride to be :)

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