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May 25th 2013


Thought I would introduce myself in this section of the forum as I'm getting married next May image (finally after being engaged for 4years!) I'm only 21 but will nearly be 23 when the day comes around. Me and my other half have been together 4 1/2years and we've just settled into our house since last August, so we felt he time is right now image.

Were having a very traditional wedding, going for a vintage feel.

It's rather exciting planning it all as I'm really girly and have dreamed of my big day for ages!

Would love to hear all your ideas, bargains, tips for saving money etc image

Happy planning



  • lau42lau42 Posts: 20
    Hi Jade,

    Congrats for the wedding! We are buddies for the 25th May, its very exciting isn't it! Wherabouts are you getting married? I am going to be 25 when we get married, which I think still makes me a baby compared to my ancient h2b haha, what do you have planned so far? Have you started dress shopping yet? I like the vintage bit too, lots of lace and antique colours in the flowers!

  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    Congrats to you too! Yehh i love the buzz of it all! We're getting married in a church and then going on to a lovely old hotel by the river for our reception. We have about 80 for the day and another 80 or so for the evening.

    I haven't started dress shopping yet but have found the most amazing dress. Its a Suzanne Neville one called Leading Lady. Not sure on the price but i know its expensive! So im on the hunt to find one similar!

    Are u having a big day? Where abouts are you having yours? Have u gone with a theme or anything?

    Did you chose your date for a particular reason? We went with 25th May as its a bank holiday and i have family to come from away. Also my other half proposed on the 20th May image

  • RoofiesRoofies Posts: 280
    Hey! We're also getting married on the 25th May 2013! Very exciting! image

    I will also be 25, h2b will be 28. We're having some traditional elements to the day but it's probably quite relaxed compared to some. Not really having a colour scheme, just lots of bright coloured, 'just picked' looking flowers.

    I've not gone dress shopping yet - find it quite scary going to pick 'the one'! I'm very indecisive so fingers crossed I actually find one that I still like in a years time!

    Think we'll be quite a popular date with it being the bank holiday weekend (great choice ladies image )xx
  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    Ah that sounds lovely image

    Love love love weddings! Got quite a few coming up in the next few years! Im a hairdresser and i have 3 clients getting married this year so its nice to join in with the excitement!

    Its nice to hear of other peoples weddings and to hear of their ideas etc image.

  • We're the 25th May too! We've chosen the date because it will be our 10 year anniversary of when we first got together!!

    So far we've booked venue, cake, photographer, DJ, String Quartet, the Registrar so feeling quite organised!!

    I went back on Saturday with my BM to try on the dress I felt was the one, and still totally loved it so I have now ordered that.
  • MrsS1MrsS1 Posts: 74
    Hi ladies!

    We're getting married on the 25th too! Can't believe it's nearly a few to go!

    Really nice to hear from other people on the same date!
  • lau42lau42 Posts: 20
    I think with it being bank holiday followed by half term for most people, it will be a super popular weekend! We chose it because my parents married on the 23rd and my h2bs squadron number was 25, we didn't realise it was a bank hol until after it was booked!

    I am in the midst of dress shopping at the moment, didn't think it would be so difficult! The "Leading Lady" is stunning, very KM, but I imagine it is pricey!

    We aren't having a theme as such, we are getting married in church followed by country house reception, so quite traditional, don't want it to be formal though it would not suit our personalities, so want it to have that "just thrown together" look that takes hours and hours to prepare!

    Have booked venue, photographer, florist, band, currently sorting cars, string quartet, and videographer. And of course the dress! How is everyone's planning going? xx
  • Hi ladies...i'm another b2b getting married on this date!! Have been planning the wedding for a year h2b proposed on this exact day last year on holiday in Portugal..feels like a life time away now! We have booked: church, reception venue, photographer, videographer, florist, chair covers, bought 5 bridesmaid dresses, got everything for the sweet table (apart from the sweets!), sent out save the date magnets, bought everything to make the favours, booked a photo/video booth, bought our rings,paid the deposit for THE DRESS on saturday (eeeeek!!)...aaaand breath!! haha.. just need

    to book a dj/band and i think we can relax!! We don't need to worry about our honeymoon as my inlaws are booking it as our wedding gift...and not telling us until the day..good job we trust themimage xx
  • Where is everyone planning on going for their honeymoon?
  • Oooh hello May brides image

    We are also the 25th. We were supposed to be this November but we then found out we were expecting another baby so we changed the date image but for this reason we are fairly in front with the planning.

    Dress is ordered, collecting my ring this week, meeting a florist this thursday, church booked, reception booked, honeymoon booked, DJ booked, Cake was booked but my mums is making the cake now to save us money, which im grateful for but also gutted because i had my heart set on the cake we were having for a very long time. Invitations are decided on, h2b who is a graphic designer and my mum who makes invitations are making them.

    Its almost disapointing how little there is to do really lol stil need to find bridesmaid dresses for 5 girls of very different shapes who are all paying for the dresses themselves!

    We are honeymooning for 1 week at the Grand Sirenis in mexico!

    One thing we dont have that i would love but dont have budget for is a wedding car. They are sooo expensive :/ x
  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    We're hoping to go to America for our honeymoon....New York for 3 days and then fly down to Florida or somewhere hot for 7 days image.

    Fell in love with another dress the other day! Love it more than the Suzanne Neville dress that i thought nothing could beat! Its Justin Alexander style 8630 and will be in the bridal shop at the end of june for me to try on!

    So far we have booked the church, the reception, photographer and florist so we're getting things ticked off the list!

    We had our engagement shoot last week with our photographer which was perfect and we had some shots taken to use as save the dates.

  • Oh just looked up the Justin Alexander, its beautiful! So classic! Which susanne neville do you love? I tried on one of hers, it was lovely but it was a sample with a fair bit of damage that they stil wanted a fortune for and i felt i was being ripped off. Here is my dress...

    Mines ivory and without the jacket. It was faaar more than i planned on spending but after trying on just about ever dress under 2000 pounds lol it was the only one that felt like the dress for me. To be honest it feels to have a lot more of a skirt on me than it does on the picture and i dont think it does it justice x
  • And florida is amazing!!
  • Bride2b1Bride2b1 Posts: 355
    evening all

    mines the 25h may too i cant believe its almost a year to go.

    we have alot booked but going to a wedding fair next week at our venue so hope to get my florist booked and chair covers there.

    happy planning ladies x
  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    I love the leading lady by Suzanne Neville. I saw it and fell in love and the Justin Alexander is near enough the same but without the sleeves.

    Just looked up your dress and its lovely! Love the detail on the bodice! I don't want to look at other dresses until I've tried that one on lol but its not in the shop for another month.

    Is anyone going for themes? Doing their own decorations/invites etc?

  • Do you know i actually nearly ordered the dress without the detail on the bodice because i wanted such a plain dress, but in the end i decided it was what the dress was all about and i should keep her as she came image

    OH MY GOD i have just looked at leading lady - what an utterly stunning dress!! I dont blame you for loving it!

    We dont have a theme really, our colours are ivory and green - not a pistachio or a hunter or an emerald, its more of a fresh green, i would say best described as apple green. But we arnt just having white and green for the flowers, we are having various colours, but nothing too bright, ivorys, blues, apricots, peach, very pale pinks, we are having quite wild flowers, roses, peonies, sweet peas and blue bells. Lots of unusual folliage. My florist describes what i described to her and sort of french shabby chic. x
  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    Oo them flowers sound really nice! Were going for a variety of different roses in a mixture of pale/dusky pinks and cream. Our colour scheme is green, pale pink and cream. Can't decide on what green or sage?! Have you decided on center pieces? Were going for birdcages filled with flowers on mirrored plates image and were having small jars filled with bonbons in our colours as favours.

    The detail on the bodice is what I first looked at when I saw your dress....good choice to keep it I think! X
  • RoofiesRoofies Posts: 280
    Woohooo!!! 1 year to go ladies imageimageimage xx
  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    Let the countdown begin! Less than a year now image x
  • Hi Ladies,

    I am also gettign married on 25th May next year - Woo hoo! My venue is Lohgreen in Troon.

    I have booked quite a lot and finally got my dress yesterday. I thought I had found my dress which was a La Sposa. I decided to go and try a few more on just to be sure and went to Eleganza first where I tried Suzanne Neville on. It threw everything up in the air and I have now gone for the total opposite of what I wanted (not a bit of lace in sight). People say once you try a Suzanne Neville on you won't go for anything else and that definitely happened with me. The great thing about her dresses is that you can mix and match different dresses and really make it your own. The corset is fab and gives you a great shape. Perhaps I should get a job selling them image

    A couple of things I could be doing with some advice on is florists and bridesmaid dresses that are the bellerina style (not seen may to try)?
  • Booked my venue today. We only decided today to bring the wedding forward as we were getting married may bank holiday 2014 but my nana is I'll so we are hoping she will still be around next may. Haven't even told my family yet but we are soooo excited! Not even thought about other details but can't wait to get started! Still can't believe it's booked!

    Nice to chat to fellow brides!
  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    Ah I'm so jealous that you tried on a Suzanne Neville gown!

    I went to try on 6 dresses last wednesday by lots of designers and tried on lots of different styles and the one that I want will be in store at the end of June as its a new collection by Justin Alexander. The two of his dresses I tried on were a mixture of the one I want. Loved the lace detail on one and the shape of the other...put them together and that's my dress! My mum and sister came with me and just said wow! When it comes in store I think it will be the one!

  • BexikBexik Posts: 120
    Hi, Can I join in please. We have been to see the Reverend today and are booked in for 25th June 2013! SOOOOOOO excited.

    I have only just realised, reading on here, that it is bank holidays!! Even better. xx image
  • Hello Ladies,

    Im a May 25th bride too! My partner and I will be getting married in Sussex after 9 years together. We've booked the church and village hall and Ive got my dress in a sample sale. I feel a bit sad in a way that i managed to find my dress so quickly as i didnt get to try on loads and have the real experience but im glad i found such a beautiful la Sposa dress in the sale. Im off for my gym induction today so that i can ensure my dress still fits in 11 months haha.

    Anything that is driving you nuts? Catering is driving me crazy at the minute. We've got a low budget so we were thinking mass feed hogroast as we love the taste of it but as its been so popular the prices have crept up. Any ideas?

    Best wishes to all of you with your planning imageimage
  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    Hi image

    Nothing really has been driving me nuts at the mo tbh....just got lots of questions lol as I don't want to get anything wrong...things like who do we get presents for apart from bridesmaids, best man and our mums...does that include our dads and ushers? What to put in children's activity boxes? We would like money instead of presents so how to ask and do we put it in evening invites???

    Ahh so much to do lol

    So exciting when you find the perfect dress! It's nice when things come together!

  • jadeylou we were thinking about the money situation as well. Someone we know put a little poem on their invite which was quite cute. Theres a forum on here with some ideas...
  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    Ah there's some really good ideas! May have to use one of those! Just not sure if we put it in the evening invites or not?? What are you doing?

  • Hi girls

    I think this date is going to be me too! We got engaged last month and found our venue and put down a provisional booking yesterday. We're getting married in Worcestershire.

    I can't believe some of you have done so much! Time to panic and freak out!


  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    Eeeek I have some exciting news.....I bought my wedding dress today! I tried on about 8/9 completely differnt gowns a month ago but the one dress I had my eye on...Justin Alexander 8630 wasn't in store then so I couldn't try it on. None of the other dresses I tried on seem to wow me and 8630 was still in my head. Well I went to the store today after a call to say it had arrived ( its a new collection), tried it on....and LOVED it. Also tried on a veil which I always wanted. So I'm a happy bunny today! Plus the store had a sale on so I got 10% off my dress and veil. BARGAIN! x
  • Woop! Well done jadeylou! Its such a great sense of achievement! That is such a beautiful dress! I think I tried it (or maybe a similar one) on but wasnt good for me as my arms are a bit too flabby haha!

    Sorry I didnt realise I never replied about the asking for money situation. I think we will prob put a little card inside the invite or something (havnt chosen my invites yet) with a little poem or just a polite message. Although I am starting to think of a few things we need so might end up with a gift list after all. Soooo undecisive! x

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